Saturday, July 28, 2012

Updates and Such

Man it had been a crazy 4 days.  We are both so thankful for this hospital stay that he desperately needed.  We're just so very very grateful.  Ryan is far more sick than we even knew.  Our original doctor actually apologized for not putting us in here sooner and said Ryan should have been admitted awhile ago.  I'm grateful for his humility but it doesn't change that Ryan suffered unnecessarily for far too long.

So Ryan's surgery on Thursday went very well.  The doctor did a much more advanced clean out of the abscess and used cetons (special rubber bands) to open up the fistula to allow for proper healing.  The Scrub Tech in on the surgery commented that Ryan had the worst case of Crohn's she had ever seen.  Wow.  These people see Crohn's patients every day so that is saying something.  It's amazing that we have so many specialists on his case taking the BEST care of him.  What a relief.

However last night was really difficult.  Ryan was started on something called a PICC which is a multi entry IV line and also handle higher volume fluids.  He was meant to start on a nutritional therapy intravenously-they hooked up a HUGE bag of milky white fluid that was 100% of his nutritional needs.  The bag contained 2400 calories and would help him put on weight.  But when they started "food" flowing through the PICC Ryan's arm began burning horribly.  He was sweating and tense and in a lot of pain.  Basically he was having an allergic reaction for an unknown reason.  So at 3 am they pulled the PICC line which is a big deal.  That large, specialized IV takes over an hour to put in and a specially trained nurse uses an ultrasound to do it.  We declined a new placement today to allow Ryan to rest but anticipate a different PICC being places early next week.

So after they pulled the PICC, they still had to have IV access so FOUR nurses tried EIGHT times to start a regular ole IV and couldn't do it.  He was not dehydrated or anything so it was totally strange.  Finally a Flight for Life nurse was called in to do it and succeeded.  That whole process took about 6 hours and Ryan has a very hole filled arm.  We didn't go to sleep until 4 am today.  Whew we are tired today and will be heading to bed shortly.

There is one other thing to mention.  Ryan's doctors have recommended a major operation for his condition that we are moving forward with on Monday at 5:30 pm.  We've felt really led to keep it private for the time being simply because it is new to us and really want to be sensitive to Ryan's privacy and feelings.  We might share more when we're more comfortable.  But know that it's a safe and wise surgery and we feel peaceful over the decision.  Does that make sense about keeping the details low key for now?  I hope so.   Know that we need your prayer for the Monday operation, recovery, and ongoing interventions for his health.

The medicinal plan is to start him on Remicade in about 2 weeks or so and really get his Crohn's under control after he is stabilized from his hospital stay.  We are feeling so excited that he has the best of the best here at Skyridge!  We are surrounded bu wonderful nurses, doctors, surgeons, dieticians, GI Specialists,  CNA's, and everyone else.

Finally, here is a glimpse into our hospital adventure.  Sorry for the low quality pictures; they were taken on the iPad camera but might let you know we're in a snazzy room, we are surrounded by love, and we'll be OK.  Thanks the Lord for every provision we need!

Ryan and his sister Stacey

Ryan and myself with a goodie basket that some sweet peeps put together for him

Ryan with a stethoscope-the nurse let him listen to his heart beat :)

The view from our window (our room is private I might add-a very nice blessing!)

Resting husband hooked up to so many tubes and wires.

Shaving today to keep his spirits up that he has a normal routine and is independent still

More updates to come everyone!  Know that we are grateful for your prayers, love, comments, and help.  What a refining and very intense journey.  Glad not to do it alone :)


  1. Love that Ryan still has a smile after all he has been through the last couple of months. So thankful for everyone at Sky Ridge Medical Center that are helping Ryan get better. Love you guys and continuing to pray.

  2. Praying that your marriage will stay strong through all this craziness that is your life right now. I can't imagine what you are going through. Praise God for the family and friends He has given you!

  3. Continued prayers and well wishes coming your way. God bless you both and your families.

  4. I love the stethoscope pic, those things are fun! So glad we got to see you this weekend! You guys are superstars. Love you and miss you already.



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