Friday, July 20, 2012

Surgery #3

I never thought we'd be journeying to the hospital for a 3rd time in 6 weeks for yet ANOTHER surgery.  Next week will be the same scenario-scans, tests, IV's, prodding, poking and more.  But for now, this surgery, is our main hurdle and what we're trusting God for.

I am so unbelievably proud of my very brave, courageous, persevering husband this morning.  Who puts up with this much sickness for 17 weeks?  Dang, he is a stud.

We leave very soon for the hospital, probably in the next 10 minutes. Check in is at 11:30 when they get him hooked up to an IV, start fluids, get his medical history, and we recite all his meds.  I could do this in my sleep by now :) Then the procedure starts at 1:00 pm.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this surgery because of SO much infection, why all his symptoms returned, and what the heck is going on in his body.  We're hopeful...but if I'm honest not really sure what to expect out of this.

Please life up Ryan and the entire medical team.  We are very in need of prayers and the Lord's hand over everything.  As for me, my amazing mom is bringing me lunch and one of my best friends, Ali, is coming to hang out with me around 2:00.  So both Ryan and I are well cared for today.  Updates to come this afternoon.  Thank you's to everyone and we are so grateful for the love and support...

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  1. Dear blogging friend,

    You always have my prayers, If we were neighbors , I would be over with 20 different meals. May this nasty infection leave your husband's body and in the name of Jesus it all HEAL!!!!!!



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