Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ryan's Doctor's Appt

We're back from the doctor: Ryan is headed in for surgery this Friday (7/20) to clean up MORE infection. The doctor is very worried about him and says he is full of infection from his last 2 surgeries and the fissure.

After that, we go in to the hospital for a CT scan to check for anything abnormal. Doctor wasn't satisfied with the last one and thinks there is reason for another.

Finally, Ryan is going in for a colonscopy in 2 weeks if his health has improved as well as trying out a new drug to get Crohn's under control.

Sum up: He is VERY sick still but our doctor is amazing and is doing all he can to get him well. Still looks like we have a very long journey ahead of us...our doctor predicts another 3-6 months until Crohn's is under control.


  1. 3 - 6 months?? Yikes that is crazy. Ryan Decker you are one stud for putting up with all this crud and Carly Decker you are one heck of an amazing wife not only standing by your husband but helping him get the best care possible. Praying this is the last surgery for a long time and the scan only shows good news!

  2. No wonder Ryan has been feeling so horrible with all that infection in his body. At least there is a plan in place. The past couple of months have been a very challenging journey and so proud of Ryan and Carly. Praying too that the scan shows good news.



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