Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you ever make up definitions for things you don't have words for?  Me either.  Usually.  But today I did...

Omnivert [om-nuh-vert]: an introverted extrovert (or vice versa) who equally enjoys time alone to recharge and time with people but must balance them both to avoid burnout / exhaustion

Do you like that totally made up word AND definition??  One of my favorite questions to ask people if is they consider themselves "introverted" or "extroverted.  It tells me so much about their hearts and how they function best.  Ryan and I have learned that this particular trait in your spouse is CRUCIAL to know so that you can function healthfully as a couple and know the other person's needs.  This we have learned the hard way :)

Here are two other definition to consider...

Extrovert:  most people believe them to be outgoing or social but that is too simple.  Their energy is often gained from time with people/ social settings, with a strong preference to be with others which might explain such a stereotype.

Introvert: the term introvert refers to someone who often focuses on their own mental experiences, feelings or thoughts.  Often they are thought of as shy,  but that is not necessarily correct.  Their preference to be alone might explain this stereotype but many introverts can enjoy and thrive in social settings.

Ryan is an extrovert to the extreme-loving all social settings and everyone he meets!  However, I could never quite categorize myself because I have traits of both-like people but like alone time too.  And so was created the word, Omnivert, to describe such an individual.  Omniverts of the world, UNITE!  I hope this encourages someone else sharing in my dilema-or at least make you laugh at my ridiculous addition to English vocabulary.

Ryan the extrovert! 

Why is this important?  I think knowing yourself, your spouse, or anyone else important to you more intricately helps you love them best.  Especially this personality trait because it is crucial to social settings, how you approach conflict, personal needs, and more!  The reality for us is that: An omnivert married to an extrovert = some tension now and then.

Ryan has learned not to have hurt feelings when I need to be alone at a coffee shop.  His best line lately was, "I want to come to the book store with you!  I promise not to talk to you. I will just sit there but pretend not to know you."  HA!  Husband, you wouldn't last 3 minutes and then you would have to talk about something!  To serve him, I make sure our house/lives are full of people for social time.

Maybe I can get my own sign like this to let Ryan know I'm in recharge mode...kind of scary though.

I challenge you to figure out which you really are: Introvert, Extrovert, or maybe even an Omnivert.  But base your conclusion on the read definitions and not on some stereotype.

You're built uniquely-embrace it!   And perhaps ask those who you know best and spend the most time with which they are.  I bet it will help you love on them much more intentionally!  Have "labeled" yourself and/or what are your thoughts on this subject?
And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18

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  1. LOL, My husband is the exact same way!!! When we went to the beach 2 weeks ago as we arrived to the sand ,I was quiet just taking it all in and enjoying the scenery then my husband was like, Kay! what wrong? You are too quiet! I definitely have my recharge time early in the am (when both dogs and husband are sleeping) then once in awhile I escape to my favorite frozen yogurt spot but lately he has been trying to go too perhaps the hot weather play a part in that or he just trying to join me.

    1. Haha Kay I totally know! I am much more a thinker and Ryan is much more a verbalizer. But I love him all the same even with our VERY different personalities.

    2. Amen, I do thank God for my husband everyday!! He certainly was made for me and I for him.

  2. I am definitely omnivert. I love people - and I love to talk (all my friends can testify to how much I love to talk) - but too much socializing wears me out. I also CRAVE time alone. Totally alone. No coffee shop, no people at all around me. :) That recharges my batteries. Blessings from Zagreb: A Little R & R (

    1. Glad to find a fellow omnivert out there!

  3. I think this is very important for spouses to know about each other- so true Carly! I think my husband and I are opposites most days. He is all about being around people and doing things and I love to cuddle on the couch and just be at home. It does help me realizing what our needs are so that I can serve him better, as you said :) Blessings friend.

    1. You have a great servant's heart! When we're different it definitely takes intention to serve and step outside out normal comforts :)

  4. I'm sorry to tell you that you did NOT make up this word, omnivert.
    I am an omnivert & have known this word for years. I find that most people do not know this word.I had actually thought originally
    that I'd made that word up, like you have also thought too, but I've heard it over the years on occassion. So there you go. We can share the word together. lol.

    1. False. I did make it up, definitely. Patent pending ;)



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