Monday, July 2, 2012

Life Abundant

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly

John 10:10

Do you ever notice how some activities give you life?  Just like some others can drain you?

I love that verse above from John because Jesus came to bring ABUNDANT life!  Jesus didn't come to that we would "have life and have it mediocre".  Heck no!  Jesus knows what's up and is so wise to the ways of our hearts and needs...more so than we even are about ourselves.

{Disclaimer: I don't think the abundant life means rollin' in your Cadillac with Franklins loading up your wallet.  I DO think Jesus spurs us on to true life.}

True life is freedom from sin and slavery.  But Jesus took care of that.  He came down, fully God, put on flesh, and lived a perfect life.  His goal on Earth was to take care of all the junk in our lives so we could experience full relationship with God.  So he hung on a cross for our imperfection, taking it on Himself.  It's the decision to surrender yourself to the Lord that is TRUE life!  Nothing else will compare.

And I think the abundant life can be spurred on by simply knowing how we're wired.  There are things that bring life to us and I am finding out lately what those are for myself.  I know you have unique life bringers too!  Because who is really living abundantly when they're burned out and exhausted?  

However,  "life bringing activities" are not your purpose in life, but only serve as temporary refreshment!

 It's crucial to know which activities/skills/habits really energize you to aid you in several areas: 

-Experience richly your own walk with God
-Minister to priority people in your life: spouse, children, family members, etc.
-Serve in any position or place you have been called
-More adequately know when to take a break and recharge (Jesus did it all the time in the Gospels!)

So here are my top life bringers, in particular order  :)  These just give me energy and life so I am ready to pour out more readily where I am called...

#1 Time with the Lord at a coffee shop
 #2 Quality time with my husband
#3 Women's Bible study
#4 Writing/Art Blogging, journaling, drawing
#5 Time outdoors and movement (yoga, biking, hiking, walks, etc)

Shocker, those aren't are all super spiritual or something!!  To find out what gives you the most energy and life, ask yourself...

When do I feel most energized?
What activity do I feel my heart and spirit are well after?
What do I look forward to doing?
If I had an hour free, I would definitely do ___________.

I really am hopeful that you're spurred on to TRUE LIFE today.  I also hope you can take the time to figure out how God built you--its so key to your daily rhythm of life and ministry!  Take the time to let God breathe life into you...and get to know Life from the real source.

Recent drawing on the chalkboard fridge.  The blank slate can be easy and fun to change!

An oldie but a this study and the Word

Time with this "Italian Stallion", as he likes to call himself, is the best.

Gluten Free Triple Berry Muffin.  How I love thee.

Yes, please.  Coffee shop time with Jesus.
The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 33:4

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you're encouraged by what you read and spurred on to pursue the heart of God.  To make sure you don't miss anything join us over on the sidebar or add our button to your page.  Be blessed!


  1. Italian Stallion - hilarious. Great thoughts, Carly.

    I gave you a Liebster award today on my blog. Have you heard of it? Stop by to see what the Liebster is all about.

    1. Ha ha Becky he really thinks he is one!

      Ok I was wondering today why I was getting traffic from your site but totally pleased about it! I'm honored to receive the Liebster Award! Seriously. Im headed to check out your sight now :)

  2. So while I loved this entire post, THIS is my favorite part of it:

    {Disclaimer: I don't think the abundant life means rollin' in your Cadillac with Franklins loading up your wallet. I DO think Jesus spurs us on to true life.}

    I laughed loudly and drew questioning looks from the members of the house. :)

    1. haha Amber I'm glad you liked that! Seriously can you imagine if Paul or Jesus were around today rollin around in some decked out SUV, hanging out their windows like rappers or something?! Ha ha ha great mental image though... Not a sin to own a nice car or anything it's just not the TRUE LIFE I think Jesus refers to. You made my day with this comment lady!

    2. I read this, and immediately pictures Jesus in a Hummer limo with the disciples. hahaha.

  3. Good post, Carly. I like your questions...made me think. And many of the things on your list are also on my life-giving list. I love your chalk-drawings...but they are not so easy...yours show artistic talent. Anyway, thanks for sharing these thoughts and questions. Gail

    1. That's sweet Gail. I imagine that you really enjoy coffee and time with the Lord. I saw the new "coffee mug" social media buttons on your site and LOVED them :)

  4. I needed this today. Thank you for the reminder to spend my energy on things where I am called to not on things that will be wasted. Love the drawing, too. Have a blessed day.

    1. So glad you're here today! I am feeling pretty wiped out myself today and need to remember to recharge so I can pour back out

  5. Love the way you bonked us over the head with this: "Jesus didn't come to that we would "have life and have it mediocre"." Awesome!



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