Friday, July 13, 2012

In Which I Write A Letter To Crohn's

Dear Crohn's,

Let me just start by saying I hate you.  Now don't take offense at that.  It's true and you know you deserve it.

You waltzed into our life almost 16 weeks ago and have made things miserable.  Is there a bigger word than miserable?  Because that's the kind of thing you are capable of.  You wrecked my husband's body, you tore up his intestines, you took 30 lbs from him that he didn't want (or need!) to lose.  You made him sick, you made him tired, you caused him unbearable pain.  That is something we can never forgive you for.

As if that weren't enough you took away my husband's ability to work.  And walk.  And sit.  And even eat for awhile.  What is wrong with you Crohn's!?!

It's because of you that we missed a lot of important events.  We weren't around when our friends found out they were pregnant, we've missed weddings and birthdays, Ryan's 26th birthday was no fun, our 2 year anniversary went pretty terribly, and you stole our dream of moving out of the country this summer.  But you gave us the pleasure of 2 surgeries last month.  Thanks for that.

But now, Crohn's this newest stunt is the last straw!  We had a very nice mini-vacation planned.  We were headed to Keystone this weekend where relaxation, and relief awaited us.  But here you come, rearing your ugly head and take it all away. You got what you wanted Crohn's...our weekend is canceled.  Are you happy?

Way to take a giant dump on our lives Crohn's.

If this wasn't a family blog I would call you some unrepeatable names.  But you already know what I think about you.  You might have taken away a lot from us.  But you don't take away our hope, you don't take away our Jesus, and you don't take away that Ryan and I have each other.  There are some things you can never affect.

With greatest disgust,
Carly Decker


  1. This...made me smile.

    I want to say much much worse.

    Want to team up and create a non-family blog about our hatred of Crohns?

    Hang in there!

    1. Tyler-- we most definitely want to create a Hate Blog for Crohn's!

      We will accept all types of hate mail for Crohn's and always deflate his ego by sharing about the victories people have over him. (Crohn's is a guy apparently.) And we'll always remind him how much the Decker's dislike him and how disgusted we are with him.

  2. I would like to team up with my husband and also create a blog about our hatred of Crohns! I can not believe it just won't go away...ENOUGH ALREADY! We love you guys!!!

    1. Amen Anna! Yes glad that the Deckers are united in our hatred of Crohn's!

  3. This made me smile too. Only someone who has been through all the trials could have stated it so honestly.

    I HATE Crohn's too. I mean I really HATE it. Proud of both of you and how you have stayed strong. I bet if they had a hate button on facebook you could get a million EXTRA hates.

    1. Mom lets propose on Facebook the newest idea of a hate button for Crohn's and all crappy diseases. Yes!

  4. Aw Carly, I am terribly sorry to hear this. YOur right about Jesus though. Someone once told me 'anything that drives us to pray can't be all that bad'. I don't day that to negate how awful you feel but be encouraged "The Lord is close to the broken hearted and he Saved those crushed in spirit'

  5. Sister in Christ, Carly

    You had me in TEARS!! I so do understand what it is like to hate an illness or a disability.Sigh, but before you know it your husband will be well (in the name of Jesus) and you both will take a month long vacation somewhere exotic where the sand is smooth like baby powder and the sky is blue without a cloud in sight .

    The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it and is safe Prover 18:10



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