Friday, July 20, 2012

How Ryan is Doing...

We've been home from surgery for a few hours and Ryan has been sleeping all afternoon.  We received SO much help and love today-my mom brought me Panera Bread for lunch to the hospital, my friend Ali hung out with us in the Recovery Room, and our friends Hannah and Daniel dropped off dinner for us which was a HUGE blessing not to cook after such a long day.  We are blessed!

Ryan's super tired from the very exhausting day and the physical toll surgeries take on him.  We're managing his pain well and he is comfortable.   Sore and worn out, but in good spirits.

What happened in the OR: Doctor saw that the fissure was very infected and even thought it had progressed into an anal ulcer.  Doesn't matter much which it is because it's painful and is not supposed to be there.  She also saw that the fistula was not healing properly and removed a few hard abnormal growths but they weren't too concerning to her.  Basically she cleaned him out and set him up to heal as best he can in the midst of a horrible flare up.  The ultimate goal is to get Crohn's under control and stop this cycle of infection/surgeries, which is MUCH easier said than done. 

Grateful for all the prayers and love from all over today!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude and also hopeful for the care plan in place for Ryan.


  1. Thanks for the update! I will be praying for you

  2. We will continue to pray for you and Ryan.



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