Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been trying to fall asleep tonight on the hospital pull out bed...but the stress of the day and the steady beep of the machines making Ryan well keep me up.

This afternoon we were suddenly and unexpectedly checked into Skyridge Hospital; a top of the line facility where Ryan is finally getting the emergency care he so desperately needs.  He is desperately, horribly, shockingly sick and has gained the attention of a full medical team here at Skyridge.  Every medical personnel to see him has been nothing less than alarmed and shocked at his condition.

Here's what happened...

We were referred to a new colorectal surgeon, Dr. B, to simply gain a second opinion about Ryan.  His office miraculously squeezed us in at 11 am this morning which is astounding!!  Most GI doctors are booked 6+ weeks out.  The Lord was at work.

Upon entering his office we filled out 30 solid minutes worth of paper work and Ryan headed into the exam room.  Dr. B is a no nonsense, straight shooter kind of guy.  I like him.  He gained the best picture he could of Ryan's last 4 months and current medical condition.  Then he requested an anal exam on Ryan.  I cannot describe to you how far my heart sunk.  Ryan has barely been able to walk or sit, let alone allow someone to probe the most sensitive area on his body.  The thought of a metal scope in his you-know-where was BEYOND what he could handle.  But the doctor did it anyway.  Oh Lord my heart clenches up as I type this.  Ryan was shaking uncontrollably, sweating, and crying by the end of the exam.  I was shaking watching this horrific scene before my eyes.  It was awful to watch my sweet husband in such agony.  A grown man was completely and utterly destroyed from a 8 second exam.  It is almost too much to think about.  That is just how sick he is.

Our doctor, with as much tact as he could muster, said this to Ryan, "Honestly man you look like you just walked out of a bar fight.  You look awful.  You look beat up and extremely sick.  You are basically starving and experiencing a very, very severe case of Crohn's.  I'm admitting you immediately to the hospital.  You need help now!  Expect at least a week in the hospital if not more.  You are very very sick."

Praise. The.  Lord.

Someone finally gets it.  My sweet husband was wheelchaired to his  hospital room where they promptly started an IV in each arm, drew two rounds of blood for the lab work, and got him in for an MRI all within our first 15 minutes of being checked in.   MRI showed severe ulceration and inflammation of the rectum as well as a persistent abscess that needing surgical attention.  Wow.  More answered and steps toward progress have happened here in a few hours than in the last 18 weeks combined.

To clear up any confusion that this is in any way not serious let me tell you this:  Ryan has lost 40 lbs and is currently on an intravenous feeding plan.  He takes all calories and nutrients through his veins because he is so malnourished.  He has two IV's going round the clock with steroids, antibiotics, fluids, and various other drugs.  Nurses and doctors from around the floor have popped their heads in to see the guy with such a horrific case of Crohn's Disease and ask, "has he really lost 40 lbs since March!?!"

We have a top of the line medical team addressing Ryan's every need.  We are surrounded non stop by family, friends, and support.  We are cared for and hopeful.  More hopeful than we've been in weeks.  The shock value for me of a week+ long stay at the hospital is overpowered by my sheer elation and gratefulness that Ryan is finally being cared for.  Finally.  He's suffered long enough.  Tomorrow (7/26) Ryan has a 5:00 pm surgery scheduled to address the abscess.  Once his TB test comes back negative they will start him on an intravenous drug called Remicade for address the Crohn's.  There is a long, complicated journey ahead of us but we are SO beyond happy to have him in the hospital being cared for and slowly brought back to health.

Join us in praying for the doctors, Ryan's medical team,  Ryan (!!), and a special blessing over all that has been and will be done to him medically.  


  1. I am so happy they finally checked him in to a hospital, this is not a battle that can be fought from home. I am also thrilled about the Remicaide, it has had me in remission for over 2 years. You are both in my heart, and again please if I can offer anything, even if just for Ryan to talk to someone who understands, I will be there.

    All our love,
    Shawntel & Paul

  2. Praise God! I'm so happy to hear that he is getting the proper medical attention. I have to say, I spent a week in the hospital with my 15 month old daughter following kidney surgery, and it was so hard. I broke down completely by the end of the week. I will be praying for you.

  3. I am so glad to hear he is in the hospital and they are doing something to care for him! Seems like fasting turned some things around! This post really brought me to tears though, i feel as if i know you guys! I will be praying for you guys and his pain that it would subside!

  4. Carly, you have me in tears but I am thanking the LORD that he is in the hospital where he will receive the CARE that he needs to be back to his old self and trying to go to Barnes & Noble with you . Sweet friend, we are always praying for you and Ryan!

  5. Carly & Ryan prayers are with you! From Rachel in San Diego a Crohns Survivor since Dec'09. God Bless xoxoxoxo Spirit Hugs....

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Silly brain. Tried to edit what I'd written! Thinking of you both. So glad that Ryan is receiving the care he needs and that he is being given nutrition to build his strength. Praying that God blesses you both with healing and restoration. Zechariah 9:12. xx C



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