Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Clear Results

Ryan's CT scan came back clear and negative.  Meaning there were no abnormal growths, tumors, etc It did show severe inflammation of his rectum which was detected on the last scan so we were not surprised.  That inflammation points to Crohn's which we already know about.

Here is our plan of action in the next few days and weeks:

-We have a post-op appointment with our surgeon, Dr. W, tomorrow at 1:20 pm and she will hopefully give us a clear picture of what is happening internally for Ryan
-We have a referral to a very skilled GI Specialist, Dr. T, who can give us a second opinion.  If this new doctor confirms Dr. L's current findings there is a chance Ryan's drug therapy can increase and we will put him on Remicade immediately.  Remicade is for severe Crohn's patients when other drug treatments have failed.
-Our current GI Specialist is personally calling a recommended colorectal surgeon, Dr. V, for a second opinion about all of his surgical needs
-We pray that this Sunday, July 29th, Ryan would be able to do the colonscopy prep which is basically an intense laxative and clean out.  But as bowel movements are excruciating at the moment, it will be a miracle if he can do it.  His colonoscopy is scheduled for Monday, July 30th.
-Finally, we have a 3rd opinion scheduled from yet another GI Specialist for Tuesday, July 31st.

We feel like we have lined up all the medical resources we can.  Ryan's incredible CEO has put in personal calls to his GI doctor, we have so much support from so many people, and I know we are covered in prayer across the globe.  Thank you thank you!

A general update on Ryan:  Sick, sick, sick.  Ryan said to me this evening, "Am I dreaming all this?  Am I just going to wake up and it will all just be a nightmare?"  I certainly wish that were true.  Ryan has been so horribly ill the last few days.  He perks up a little when people are here because as you know he is such an extrovert and gets so much energy from being with others :)  He has been experiencing continually painful bowel movements, nausea from his new medicine, a very painful bum, and a whole slew of other symptoms. I am grateful that 70% of the day he is asleep because it is when his best healing will happen and the only time he is not in pain.  Please keep praying for him as you feel led.  We need the Lord for so many things at this point and only He can handle it all.


  1. Praying. Love you guys! xoxo

  2. Praying. I really feel for your guys - you're doing it so tough. Love your positive, joyful attitude, despite the fairly average situation. C

  3. Thanks for the update! Atleast you have a game plan and some clear direction from Doctors! :)



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