Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We had a pretty busy weekend which is a very distinct change for us!  Ryan wasn't feeling the best though which was a discouragement and bummer :(  Saturday and Sunday evening he had a bad stomach ache (a side effect from one of his medications) so at least we knew the cause of it.  He felt just generally bad most of the weekend but thankfully he made it through the Father's Day celebrations feeling pretty OK.

Our Week Ahead: We go see Ryan's nurse on Monday to get the his surgical wound re-packed and cleaned, we see his surgeon on Tuesday for a follow up appointment, and we see his GI Specialist Thursday for a follow up and hopefully schedule a colonoscopy for next week.  Doctor's offices and appointments are all too familiar for us. But we're thankful for good health insurance and care for Ryan!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day and could celebrate the dads in your life!  Here's a little peak into how we spent our weekend...

 The sweetest little lady.  Such a good helper to everyone, loves to eat cool whip, and listens so well!

Ha ha ha!  Poor Rilyn.  FREE baby!

My MIL & FIL bought Tyler/Anna and Ryan/me an anniversary cake.  We were married on June 13 just different years so they sang us "Happy Anniversary" to the tune of Happy Birthday :)

The four of us each had to blow out one of the four candles without extinguishing the others ha ha

The cake!  So pretty and summer-y

 Anna opening up our shared anniversary card.  Can you see her little baby bump there?  Baby Decker #2 is due in July woo hoo!  This Aunt and Uncle are so excited!

Dinner = "fried" eggs with homemade salsa, fresh avocado, and polenta crisped in the frying pan.  Yum!
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you're encouraged by what you read and spurred on to pursue the heart of God.  To make sure you don't miss anything join us over on the sidebar or add our button to your page.  Be blessed!


  1. Not sure what polenta is but that meal looks so good! Too bad I'm allergic to avocados (though I love them!). Looks like a fun weekend! I hope all of those doctor's appointments go well for you guys this week. I'll be continuing to pray for you friend! :)

    1. You should try it Nicole! Polenta is organic corn meal that is in sort of a paste form. You can fry it, put it casseroles, top it with anything. It's so yummy with Mexican dishesor I used it in my Crock Pot Vegetable Polenta recipe. Thanks for the prayers this week-we need to gear up our energy for a full week of medical jargon :)

  2. Let me know if any of those doctors say anything like "Deliberation Over".

    I'll crush them like only a true blogger would, anonymously on the world wide web.

    1. Ha ha Done!! Ty we appreciate your anonymous, yet perfectly deserved internet call-outs! Thanks, we'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Aw , there is nothing like babies being around or being born!! Definitely an excuse to go baby shopping and just test out strollers for the fun of it ( Sometimes, when I am in Target, I would detour through the baby's section and push them :|) .. May the lord favor you both today as you go in for Ryan's appointment. Sometimes with tummy aches Ginger juice can soothe that out.. Have a Super Duper day!!

    Serving: About a pint

    Juicing ingredients

    1 cucumber
    2 Sticks of Celery
    1 small to medium clove of Garlic
    1 inch section of Root Ginger

    1. YUm! We love ginger for belly aches. We'll try it!, thanks I love that you try out the strollers ha ha-maybe someday you'll have a little one to test drive them for!!!!

  4. Ryan looks very serious trying to blow out just one candle.

    Rilyn is the sweetest little girl. She always looks so happy. I want her -- for free.

    So nice you share food I have never even thought to try before. Maybe I'll try polenta soon.

    1. We can cook some polenta for you mom! And I bet you can come and love on Rilyn for free the next time we babysit her :)

  5. Love the free baby picture lol.

    How do you cook the polenta? I'm dying to try it, and crisped up sounds downright delicious!


    1. We wil put a little olive oil in our frying pan, let it heat up and then brown both sides of the polenta! Then serve with anything you like-veggies, meat, or more!

      Or I have layered it in casseroles. If you go up to the tabs of my blog and click Recipes you'll find my Crock Pot Vegetable Polenta Recipe. Yummy!

    2. I'm hungry thinking about it. I might have to try it soon-not sure how anyone else will like it but since I'm the one who cooks...haha.



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