Friday, June 8, 2012

Ryan Update

Surgery went great!  Ryan is asleep, drugged up on pain medicines, and doing really well.  Praise the Lord for that!!

We got to the surgery center at 9:45 this morning and just got home at 4:00 pm so it has been a long day.  But so beyond worth it for the relief that Ryan will be experiencing.  Plus every nurse in the building LOVED him by the time he left--he is such a sweet, funny guy no matter what his circumstance so it's no wonder people immediately love him.

Basically in the procedure they found 2 small abscesses (pockets of pus and infection) and 1 fistula (an abnormal connection or passage between organs or vessels).  In our surgeon's words, she "filleted" open the area where she found the fistula to drain the infection and create a way for everything to heal.    Fistulas need an external opening form the body to drain and heal properly.  It is all super complicated and I doubt I'm making a ton of sense but I hope that brings some clarity to what he went in for.  They packed the fistula with gauze as it drains and we will go get it removed in our Post-Op appointment on Tuesday morning.

Other than that they removed a few abnormal growths that were not harmful to him, just in the way and not helpful as well as took a biopsy of his rectal tissue.  They expect that to show active Crohn's and nothing else which is a positive thing.

This surgery should really set Ryan up on a trajectory for success in a full and speedy recovery.  You can't really heal if you have abnormal connections and a bunch of infection in your body!  What a brave man I am married to.  He walks in the Spirit and has remained steadfast in his faith.  So amazing!

He doesn't remember a lot from the recovery room but because his birthday is tomorrow, June 9th, he just kept asking over and over for his presents. Ha ha!  So funny and sweet.  Love him!  And he had to wear these hilarious hospital underwear that he and the nurse dubbed "special silk panties".  HA!  Other patients probably wondered why so much laughing was coming from our room.  I was so glad to see so much of of Ryan's normal personality and silliness so soon after the procedure.

Our eyes are so opened (Job 42:5 anyone?!) to the knowledge that the Lord has been faithful and sustaining in this time--Jesus is simply our rock and the very source of our comfort from the uncertainties of this time.  We are praying and hopeful for a speedy recovery from this 3 month health challenge!  Thank you so much for praying and lifting him up.  It has been a real source of encouragement to us.  More updates to come as he progresses and gains more strength.
The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation...

2 Samuel 22:47


  1. I'm glad he's on a trajectory to healing- what a blessing this must be for you guys, and a good birthday present for him! Hope you guys have a restful weekend :) (Oh, and I just noticed you updated my button- you're so awesome!)

    1. Me too Nicole! I'm so glad he is feeling better. He just said that he feels the best he has felt in WEEKS! And that is only 5 hours after surgery. Praise God! And as soon as I saw your snazzy new button I updated it-love it!



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