Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pictures Galore

Ryan has had up and down post-op days.  A good chunk of his time, he has been in a lot of pain.  He is so sore and the different incisions have left him feeling not good at all.  He has a big hole the size of a penny in his upper thigh that allows everything to drain and heal so um, WOW I understand why he hurts!!  He runs a low grade fever most of the day and just hasn't been feeling good.  Hopefully today is better.

For his birthday on Saturday we had breakfast together, his parents brought lunch, and then we took a 3 hour nap. The word exhausted does not even begin to describe how we feel.  I slept but Ryan could only doze from too much pain :(  The rest of the afternoon we rested and then we got the most generous, amazing surprise we've ever received (not pregnant :)).  A later post on that later.  Two of our best friends brought this gift over, along with Jamba Juice and we all proceeded to just cry together and thank the Lord for generous blessings.  Oh sheesh we were messes!

Anyway, Ryan is optimistic about healing and we are so excited for progress when it finally comes.  He is SO brave!  Thanks for joining us on this ongoing journey.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy before you go...

"Jedi Ryan"--he was freezing out of surgery so the nurse gave him a hood.  But Ryan says this is his Jedi picture :) 

Hi sweet, knocked out husband!  He was so sleepy after the procedure

Birthday morning-he was feeling pretty good at this point!  This is the opening of this goodie bag

His favorite-baseball tees

Ninja lego keychain!

This picture melts my heart.  Sweet sweet husband opening up Happy Hippos-a candy we both loved when we were in Russia

For the fire-loving part of him.  An emergency fire starter & striker for when we go camping...or if he ever gets stranded in the woods haha

He let me steal a Happy Hippo.  So yummy!

Part of his decorations-I hung up a big bright paper banner and other decorations around the house so he would feel special all day.

Tired, sleepy, 101.1 fever Ryan on his birthday evening :(

What to do when your husband is very sleepy like that all day?  Read.

Oh and porbably steal his supply of jello ;)

Happy Birthday weekend and happy healing Ryan Decker!
For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

Matthew 7:14

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  1. Oh, what do you mean "a post on that later?" Exciting! lol Hope his healing progresses fast! Praying for you guys. Looks like a fun birthday morning :)

    1. Nicole it's too good to just write 1 sentence on haha Yeah that would be a teaser wouldn't it! I'll write it today girl!

    2. Yes a definite teaser! LOL

  2. You have learnt the art of the tease!!! Tell Ry we are sending him healing powers. With mind only a true Jedi would!

    1. Done. He will be appreciating those mind bullets. And I didn't even mean to master the art of teasing but now that I have...this blog could get interesting!



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