Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today is my sweet husband's 26th birthday!  Wahoo!!  Today is a low key day but one full of special treats and celebration!  Ryan LOVES french toast so I'll make him a healthy version for breakfast and he has a goodie bag to open full of fun things. Both our parents are swinging by today to love on him and his best friend Matt is bringing him a chick flick and lactose free ice cream later (secret: Ryan loves chick flicks more than me...shhh!).  Not a bad day for having surgery just 24 hours ago :)

Ryan John Decker I am SO glad you were born this day 26 years ago--you are my favorite person, the most legit man I've ver known, and a blessing to everyone you know!

Happy Birthday sweet Ryan Decker!

Ry & Ri...two of the cutest members of the Decker family if you ask me

Just so you know how cool Ryan really is, let me share with you...

26 Reasons Why My Birthday Husband Is Awesome :

1. He loves Jesus with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength
2. He is so silly and can get everyone else loving life and laughing at anything
3. He thinks of others constantly and when Ryan loves you, you've never known anything better!
4. His favorite food is avocado and a fried egg burger...or his mama's cinnamon rolls 
5. When he's waking up in the morning, he wiggles his legs back and forth with his eyes closed :)
6. Being active is his favorite thing in the world: running, mountain biking, hikes, snowshoeing
7. His Bible is falling apart because he so values time meeting with God
8. His guitar skills are very swoony
9. He is a great cook and can whip up an amazing dinner-stiry frys, anything with eggs, or grill out!
10. Harpo adores him and they will wrestle for an hour
11. He leads us like a champion in our spirituality, financially, and maritally.  My leader!
12. He leads us in such a godly way-loving me as Christ loves the church and with a servant's heart
13. People want to be around him and it's rare that he isn't in demand somewhere!
14. Water Engineering is his passion and the very thing he was created for
15. He is an adventure loving man!  Remember when he moved us to the Middle East?!
16. It's so fun to rile him up and tease him because he gives the best responses
17. Ryan likes to lock up and double check all the doors in or house before bed so we are safe
18. He is a surprise giver and will regularly listen to things that bless me and surprise me any ole time
19. Old ladies love him.  His nickname at his high school Nursing Home job was "GL" (good-lookin)
20. He rocks at ping pong and Foosball!
21. He is wicked smart!  Graduated from Mines and got his Master's at an international university!
22. The way he listens so closely to those engaging with him and cares for their hearts
23. How he allows other legit, godly men to speak into his life and pour into him
24. He is a dang handsome stud!
25. This man is SO generous-loosely holding anything the world values and storing up treasures in heaven instead
26. Ryan is truly the most god-seeking, people-loving, servant-minded man I've ever known.  And bonus...I get be be married to him!!!

Swoony husband eating something. Probably avocado and eggs. His favorites!

Ryan & Marc at work.  Ryan's passion and and dream job! impersonating my "nerdy husband" when he was at student at Mines.  Do you like that pocket protector, taped glasses action? Oh my gosh, what am I even thinking?!
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14

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  1. Aw, Happy Birthday!! Carly you are rockin' that pocket protector!!!!

    The LORD bless you and keep you
    Numbers 6:24

    1. He says thanks Kay!! That pocket protector is a new fashion statement :) ha!



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