Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be A Servant

"Be a servant."
-Jesus, Mark 10:43

Don't you love Jesus' ultra simple, yet radical approach to life and ministry?  Just be a servant.

Strong's Concordance has a lot to say about the word servant in this verse specifically:

-The original Greek word it's probably from the root word "diako" which means to run errands!  Ha!  Errands existed thousands of years ago and today.  OK that is super simple and very action oriented-I can run errands for people!  But there is more to being a servant than that...

-What I really love is that the original Greek word "diakonos" means a servant of the king.  The intended definition is probably referring to a political or ruling figure, but I like to think of the particular king mentioned as the King of Kings...Jesus.  How cool to serve Him directly and obediently when we live out Mark 10:43!

Praying you can live out today as a servant-whether you're running simple errands or  literally serving the King.  What steps can you take to live his out today?

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
401. Early morning walks with Harpo around our amazing neighborhood
402. Morning quiet time + coffee on our back porch
403.  Plans to love on a sweet, elderly neighbor today
404. Getting our computers fixed
405. MPD & back to work
406. Anticipating weddings, birthdays, and celebrations

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace:

1 Peter 4:10

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you're encouraged by what you read and spurred on to pursue the heart of God.  To make sure you don't miss anything join us over on the sidebar or add our button to your page.  Be blessed!

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  1. I can honor and serve Him with my time! Wonderful reminder Carly, thank you :)


  2. My husband used to call me "Doula" (female servant) when he was studying Greek in college. I know the word you're speaking of is another Greek term for servant, but it reminded me of his teasing term for me! haha!

    As far as the steps I can take to be a better servant now? Hmmm, I think I need to work on the attitude of a servant in my life ... choosing to have a sober or realistic view of myself. I am a work in progress on building humility in my heart. But that's where I'm working most at the moment. Thanks for this challenge, Carly!

    1. Haha I love it! Isn't a "doula" also a midwife's assistant in birth? That word makes sense for such a role!

      Love your thoughts and steps to action Beth. I'm inspired!

  3. I new about "diakonos," but never heard "diako." I love that! It really sheds new light on all the running around I do as a mom!

    1. For reals Tereasa you are definitely a servant! Check out Strong's Concordance to learn more about diako--I'm not a word expert but the concordance is so helpful!

  4. I need to get back to the basics of serving with my priorities in order... My relationship with HIM.. my husband... my children.... then everything else. Instead of looking for doing the next big thing.....
    Your post is just confirmation of what God has placed on my heart this week....check out my Content: Waiting post

    1. Piper thanks for commenting. Your priorities are exactly the order I want mine to be in too! So wise-#1 God #2 Husband and so on. Glad to stand by you and thankful to be inspired by what you're learning!

  5. Lots of great thoughts and facts in this brief post, Carly. Thanks for sharing it on B&BB. I'll be thinking about servant-hood today.



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