Monday, April 9, 2012

Stress-Free Wedding

We have 5 weddings this summer already-and I'm sure more invites on their way!  I love wedding season!

As I've brainstormed with some of my newly engaged friends about how to keep their wedding stress-free, I thought I would share the love here.  Maybe you're the mom, friend, sister, or bride-to-be.  I hope this post will spur you or them on to honor Jesus, the ultimate Love, on such an amazing day. 

Wedding Advice from a 2010 Bride:

1. Filter Questions
Create for you and your fiance a few "filter questions".  Run every choice, stress, or situation through them to determine its the level of importance or what kind of attention it really needs.  My filter questions were: "Does this glorify the Lord?" and "Will this bless our guests?" 

Example : It's raining and now we can't do the ceremony outside!!!! Does it glorify the Lord to be outside?  Not necessarily.  Will it bless our guests to be out in the soggy lawn?  Nope.  Ok we're doing it inside!
You could run wedding dress stresses, menu options, seating arrangements and more through those questions to relieve yourself of unneeded pressures and make sure you stay focused on the Lord

We obviously were not too upset but   The weather even cleared for a few good pictures outside

 The weather in Colorado on June 13, 2010...overcast, rainy but somehow still gorgeous!

2. Pick Your Top 3
What are the top 3 important most things to you about the day?  Only 3!  Music? Ceremony? Food? Drinks? Reception? Location?  Invites?  Honeymoon?

Ryan and I decided that it was most important to us to have: #1 A ceremony that pointed to Jesus #2 A relaxed but fun reception where we could specifically meet each guest #3 Good food and drinks to bless everyone.  So we completely took on all details for those ourselves.  Most other details went to someone else to plan with our guidance.  For example the florist was entirely responsible for creating the centerpieces.  My best friend designed our wedding invites.  My mom rocked at setting up the guest book and welcome table.  I put in my opinion here and there but ultimately I trusted these women and let them use their creative gifts to bless!

Almost 300 people fit into the swoony red barn. Gorgeous and so peaceful!

The most powerful part of our ceremony might have been the feet washing. A favorite.

Communion set up and the small vase to the left was for our moms to combine sand into together

Simple guest book table done by my fabulous mom!

3. Wedding Planner
We hired a professional wedding planner to help us out but you do not necessarily need to do this.  Who is your most organized and wedding enthusiastic friend?  The two of you can meet for coffee several times throughout your engagement to really communicate expectations and come up with a helpful plan for her involvement.  Although she is not a professional it will be so helpful to be able to have questions or last-minute details directed to her the day of.

Of course bless your friend with a gift afterwards.  A Spa day or perhaps a fancy gift card to the fabulous friend for making your day run flawlessly??

A fabulous wedding planner can help you feel calm and collected on your big day

4. Skip the Sillies
I have lovingly dubbed the wedding industries shenanigans of pointless extras, the sillies.  Napkins with your names on them?  Personalized candies?  Bottles of bubbles with your anniversary? Shirts that tell everyone you're the bride? 

Skip it and save yourself the headache!  We opted for no wedding take home gifts for the guests, cloth napkins, the cheers of our families to wish us off instead of throwing stuff on us, and avoided spending money and time designing "the sillies."

 Cloth napkins and simple centerpieces.  

Enjoying the day together stress-free

5. Focus on your MARRIAGE
It was an easy temptation for me to get caught up in the wedding hoopla and forget that as much as I was preparing for a wedding, I was more than anything preparing for our MARRIAGE.  I recommend pre-marital counseling, as much prayer as possible with your fiance, and good connecting dates for you two lovebirds in the midst of planning the most important day of your life.  Your wedding will last a day...your marriage a lifetime.  Make sure you are preparing your heart, life, and spiritual walk for the day you become Mrs.

Share your wedding tips and advice friends-I would love to hear how your day pointed to Jesus!  

 Just some love!

 On our way out of the reception-the best day of our lives!

Surrounded by our best friends-those who will support us in our marriage 

Our families (minus two sister-in-laws who were getting ready) and more amazing support!

   Glorify the LORD with me;
   let us exalt his name together.

Psalm 34:3

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you're encouraged by what you read and spurred on to pursue the heart of God.  To make sure you don't miss anything join us over on the sidebar and add our button to your page.  Be blessed!


  1. Excellent advice-so much wisdom I wish every girl planning a wedding could read this! Hopefully all the weddings you are attending this summer are on different days HA!...Love all the beautiful pictures from your wedding!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Feel free to pass on the advice or refer people here to read it. This list really helped us in our wedding plans. And we had the MOST talented photographer in the world-Mandy Blair Photography. Amazing :)

  2. Wow Carly, I love your posts. I'm already married (as you know!) but I would have loved to read this beforehand! We just opted out altogether though and went to the courthouse. We had a reception at my husband's grandmother's house the next day, where my mother-in-law was the ringleader of decorating there. I still got to buy a nice dress and have my wedding, but we just couldn't afford anything else at the time. It was all still stressful though with my family coming in from out of town, etc. Your advice was wonderful- especially to focus on the fact that you are preparing for marriage, not just the wedding day! A blessing to read as always friend :) -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

    1. Thanks Nicole! I think a ceremony at the court house and a reception at home can be just as special as any other plan!! The important things is the focus of our time and heart. Thanks for the encouragement always :)

  3. GREAT post! I LOVED seeing your wedding photos- GORGEOUS!!!!

    1. Thanks Diana! Someday I will have to show you more photos of our day. I would love to see yours too!

  4. I would love that, Carly :)

  5. What great advice. My only regret from our wedding day (we kept things very simple) was that I didn't spend more money on the photography. There isn't a single picture I like. It still breaks my heart. The worst part was, was that we had the money at the time we were just being frugal.

    I'd love it if you'd link this post up with my encouraging hearts linky.

    1. Oh no that is terrible! Maybe you and your husband can renew your vows someday and get an awesome photographer for that event! Thanks for the encouragement and I'm headed to your blog now :)



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