Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Announcement...We're Moving!

 Where you might ask...*drum rollllll*

To Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

What a swanky place to call home for awhile!  It's gorgeous but the poverty is also astounding.  We don't necessarily expect a tropical vacation with this move...

Ryan's work, Healing Waters International, is sending us to the DR to create the space and time for him to best serve in his job for a few months.  He works for the most unique, adventurous company and I am honored to follow him overseas!  This is what we dreamed about doing together-traveling the world to follow our radical, unconventional God!  We leave May 14 and will be gone for 9 weeks.

We are thrilled!  A few thoughts and details you might wonder about, I know I did!

-The idea was suggested about 2 weeks ago--HWI gets things done!  We shared as soon as possible!

-We will be living in an apartment as well as have access to a car.

-Please pray for Ryan's speedy healing from the physical pain and complications internally the last few weeks.  We want him to be FULLY healed even before we leave.

-Harpo (our golden retriever) will stay with my parents.  My adorable sister keeps offering to take him although Harpo once jumped on her white skirt with muddy paws and got her car all hairy...they have a love-hate relationship I believe.

-No garden this summer.  However a garden pales in comparison to getting to move south with my husband for a summer adventure!  Maybe a fall garden?

-And what will I be doing while Ryan works you ask?  Well I  have fabulous directors with my work and they are allowing me to take assignments with me while we're gone.  They are so supportive and amazing!  There are also plans for me to be trained in HWI's Health & Hygiene curriculum.  I love teaching and I love health so I would be honored to contribute that way.

-Ryan is pretty much fluent in Spanish but I am definitely not.  I need to learn quick amigos.  His CEO gave us a Rosetta Stone disc set so I know how I am spending some down time.  I know a little French and my Arabic abilities are embarrassingly low but Spanish shouldn't be too much trouble, si?

-I will be blogging regularly to update on our adventures and share what we're experiencing. We want you to be  a part of this move!  As long as there is internet, we will be posting.

This is a look at the Ozama River in Dominican Republic.  It won't be uncommon to see trash dumps like this polluting the water and interrupting lives.  That's why HWI is there!

There you have it, The Deckers are moving to the Dominican Republic.  I am just astounded at the Lord's goodness to let us move and be his hands and feet overseas.  We're built to be overseas (much to our mother's dismay-they are excited though!). Now we are working on getting things in order to move in just  27 days!

Oh and come and visit us this summer --we would love to show off the Dominican to you :)

God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

John 3:17

P.S. Check out this article from the Denver Post to learn more about Healing Waters International
P.P.S Did you secretly read out blog title for a second as "Announcement...We're Pregnant?!"  ha, I almost did and I wrote it!

I'm so glad you're here!  I hope you're encouraged by what you read and spurred on to pursue the heart of God.  To make sure you don't miss anything join us over on the sidebar or add our button to your page.  Be blessed!


  1. WOW Carly!! SO thrilled for you and Ryan! What an exciting adventure for Jesus! Hope Ryan is feeling better. I've been praying for him and will continue to believe for complete healing before your move :)

    1. Kathy your prayers and commitment to lift him up really breathes some life into us! Unfortunately he is not healed yet, but we are hopeful and expectant.

      In the meantime we are rejoicing that this opportunity is available to us! Woo hoo! Thanks for being excited with us!

  2. Wow what an adventure for the Deckers! I know God will use you both greatly in your new home for the summer. I look forward to reading regular updates- and also hearing how God has fulled healed Ryan before the move! Praying dear! :)

    1. *fully healed- not fulled healed. Wow. What a writer I am today! ;)

    2. Thanks Nicole! We are looking forward to sharing here! That is such a nice thing about blogging-quick, easy updates.

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  4. Things I have to say about this news....
    1. Praying for Ryan.
    2. Can we have your seedlings...since I'm secretly (not so much now) insanely jealous you already have them going and we STILL haven't done a dang thing.
    3. Not only am I jealous of your garden but selfish because #1 I'm happy you will be back when this baby comes.
    4. Rilyn LOVES to Skype so maybe she can Skype with you while you are gone...you know so she doesn't forget her aunt and uncle?
    5. I know you well enough to not for a second think you were preggo...we can only hope for a little cousin to come along before Rilyn goes to college

    1. LOVED THIS COMMENT Anna Decker!!!

      Ok a list for you:
      1. You can have my left over seeds because my seedlings have decided to die since they were neglected since Ryan got super sick :( Boo! I fell guilt when I look at their wiltedness.
      2. We are SO excited to be back when your little one enters the world. Dibs on catching them out of the womb!
      3. We will skype Rilyn and you guys all the time. We're in for sure. Why not just come down for a little tropical vacation?
      4. We are definitely not preggo but maybe we can convince Ryan to make a baby Decker with me while we're overseas. That seems like a cool idea...

      Love you Anna!

  5. Wow! That sounds so exciting!! Praying for you both during this time!! Enjoy!

    1. Sarah THANK YOU! We are excited too :) Check back in for updates.

  6. So exciting! Keeping you both in my prayers!

    1. Woo hoo! Thanks Amber. We can't wait to update you about the trip.



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