Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thankfulness Addict

The Journey to 1000 Gifts is ROCKING my world!  It's addicting and incredibly challenging.  Somedays I find myself constantly aware and looking for gifts-I'm on the ball those days!  Other days I'm crummy and bummed, marching around in my own little world when the Lord WAKES ME UP me with something so unexpected.

Awareness and recording has been so uplifting to my heart and a real reminder of God's goodness.  I've been learning that being thankful isn't just for the easy-good-fluffy stuff.  It's glorifying and right to thank the Lord for challenges, changed plans, interruptions to my own way of thinking, bad days, sloppy days, mistakes and other things that should seem void of gifting.

I swear to not be that cheesy person saying I LOVE all those things but the I cling and hope to the truth of Romans 8:28--that God works all things for our good.  And I'm grateful for that because most of the time I don't even know what "my good" is but an all knowing God does.  Phew!

So enjoy this thankfulness post in pictures and a glimpse into our week.

259. Harpo's watchfulness and the ways this furry guy makes me laugh

250. Gifts and doggy treats for Harpo that keep him busy

251. Two very generous, caring parents!

252. That my husband loves his in-laws and that they ADORE him!

253. Sunshine and a husband who leads us tremendously

254. Views of THIS. Do we feerrrr realz get to live here?!

255. A mini-dog park we found about 3/4 mile from our house-and THIS view it gives us

256. Skype dates with Linny and the camel she slaughtered to get that bone necklace. Just kidding.

257. King size bed from the Deckers for 1 dollar!
258. Nutella on graham crackers. Swoon.
259. Lunch with a friend and her new baby
260. Plant life in our home-basil, garden buds, potted plants, orchid, and succulents.
261. Blogging with a purpose
262. Yard work
263. Psalm 91 to protect our minds, bodies, and spirits
264. Possibilites of a niece named Arya :)
265. A vacuum that sucks up Harpo's endless fur
266. This dinner-one of our favorites
267. Refreshed relationships
268. Re-recognizing
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4


  1. Do you have the app? It's so great because you can just snap a quick picture on your phone or record something that happens. I'm addicted

    1. I don't have it! BUUUTTT I don't have an iPhone either. I have a bad habit of losing/breaking phones so I use a $4.99 phone :) But the idea of just recording it when it happens is super handy

  2. Wow! I keep running into this book called 1,000 gifts. I must read it...I love books. Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for. That seems to be a theme I see on blogs (and need) right now! Thanks-your newest follower :)

    1. Kathy you are the cutest! Totally honored you are following the blog. About to go check out your blog now!! You should definitely read the book-it is such a great reminder of the gifts around us. Opened up my eyes big time. Enjoy your Saturday lady :)



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