Thursday, February 2, 2012

Month of Love: Cheap Date Idea

Friday night is our new sizzling date night in honor of this new love I have for Valentine's Day!!

My parents (the Nelsons) have been having a consistent date night for a LOOOONG time and always on Fridays so we are feeling very inspired.  Another couple we love, Stan & Jeanine Weber, actually take the whole day for each other and as Jeanine says, they are unplugged and totally focused on each other.  I love the models we have for date night.

We see a real benefit to specifically pour out into one-on-one time with no other distractions.  So Friday nights are husband/wife time, unplugged from the world, and enjoying the friendship aspect of our marriage!

I planned this week's date and here what was on the date menu:

Homemade dinner at our house (save some money from eating out!)

A drive into Denver to a favorite cupcake shop: Happy Cakes

2 cupcakes later (skipped their frosting shots) we walked Harpo around Sloan's Lake

Headed home with our free Redbox movie rental

An inexpensive, relaxed, and cupcake-filled date! photo source

In case I have not convinced you to have a cupcake date yet check out the unique and delectable flavors that the Happy Cakes Bakery offers on's different every day!

*Cosmopolitan - vodka soaked cranberry cupcake topped with lime zest butter cream
Oogies Kettle Corn - sweet corn cupcake topped with salty caramel butter cream, a sweet piece of Oogies kettle corn and a pinch of salt
*Jack & Coke - chocolate Coca-Cola cupcake topped with bourbon butter cream
Cherry Coke - chocolate Coca-Cola cupcake topped with a sweet cherry butter cream
S’mores - chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow butter cream and rolled in crushed graham crackers
*VEGAN - delicious vegan dairy- and egg-free cupcake...and still so rich and moist, you'd never guess it's vegan! Flavor offering varies, give us a call to find out what's being baked on your day.
*Gluten Free Vanilla - gluten-free vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla butter cream 

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
97. Fluffy coats
98. Real life transformation
99. Vulnerability in discipleship
100. Sharing the gospel
101. Thinking
102. Peanut butter sandwiches
103. Creation and Intelligent Design

However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

Ephesians 5:33


  1. Oh what a fun date! Those cupcakes sound delicious! I think it is a great idea to spend that quality time together "unplugged" and it's a good reminder to do it more often. Maybe you two will be getting another call for babysitting soon!

    1. Please call!! We would love to take Rilyn overnight again. I can't wait until there are two little Deckers to babysit! Do you guys have a date night? Or just night that is for yourselves even if you stay home?



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