Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Is Well

There is another small group happening at our house--a gathering of college chicks that come to our house for endless coffee, desserts and Jesus-centered girl chat.  And I love it!  But I love more that I'm not leading it, one of my favorite students ever at Mines is!  So I just get to sit back and learn.

A few weeks ago we talked about the lies that we are tempted to believe.  In Luke 4:1-13 we get a first row seat to what a big fat joker the devil is.   He (the devil) is named the Father of Lies in Jn 8:44 and we see exactly that happening.

Satan tempts Jesus in EVERY way (v. 13) and lies about who God is, correct meaning of scripture, there is an attempted twist of power, and it seems he is trying to convince Jesus that he's all alone in the wilderness.  Isn't it interesting that this temptation happens right before Jesus starts his public ministry?!?  That is who the devil is, a wimp who can only lie and attack us when we seem weak because when we stand firm in the Lord the devil doesn't stand a single chance!

Here is the best part of Luke 4: Jesus doesn't play into any of the lies!!  He leans on scripture, he stands firm in the Spirit and combats lies with truth.  He doesn't let satan have even a inch of influence in his heart or soul.  Go Jesus!!

I think at the end of this Jesus would say because of strength and protection from His Father: It is Well With My Soul.  And we can say the same thing when we let the Lord do the battling and we stand firm in truth.  So I wrote that promise on our chalkboard to wake up to it every morning and be encouraged about who I have fighting for me!

Today I'm feeling extremely encouraged that this is something college ladies are hearing and making true in their lives.  How many lies do THEY probably get fed every day?  How many lies do YOU get fed every day?  We are equipped and empowered to be strengthened and truly know that we are safe under Christ's care and that our souls are truly well.

My Journey to 1000 Gifts:
91. Piano players
92. Chatter in a cafeteria
93. Nerves but Phil 4:13
94. Homemade soup from Y-lo
95. Reading about Lindsay's life via blog
96. Lots of green accessories
97. Learning to be bold
98. Breathing in cold February breaths
99. Truth to stand firm on
100. Using our home to serve college students
101. My coffee maker (probably makes the list a few times)

And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee, and a report about him went through all the surrounding country...

Luke 4:14


  1. Have I told you before how much I love your chalkboard fridge?? It's so lovely!

    And yes where would we be without coffee makers? I am continually thankful for mine :)

  2. Angi you can totally have a chalkboard fridge or chalkboard anything! I've seen people paint their walls, dishwashers, fridges, or lots of other things. It's so cheap and fun :)

    Amen to coffee--it's so delicious and a good kick to start the day, ha!



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