Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clip Board Makeover

When you have time to dig through boxes of old junk to organize and find some unexpected goodies!  Like these plain, brown clipboards.  They just need a little TLC.

I've been using some spare time on the weekends to piece together our home office (read: Ryan's guitar room, my sewing room, junk room, and craft room).  I eventually envision it to be a light and organized space where we accomplish work and can feel creative  And I feel more productive if my surroundings are pretty and cozy!  Anyone else with me on that one??

So in the spirit of creativity and budget-mindedness I used these clipboards, two sheets of decorative paper (I think a pretty fabric would also work stupendously), glue, and a pair of scissors to make two new snazzy wall organizers and decorations!

The result: a duh-vine and cheap new wall addition!

 {Start with two plain clipboards}

 {No "How-To" to post with this but just cut paper accordingly to the size of your board.  I used white computer paper to make a template and eliminated a lot of mistakes in the process}

 {Hang however you like on the wall.  I wanted to add height to the room so I put them vertically}

 {Clip on notes, reminders, lists, pictures etc}

{In no time at all you have an inexpensive and creative new addition to any room}

I think these clipboards would look fantastic near the door when you leave to pick up coupons/permission slips/cash, in a child's room to display their artwork, or in a work office to spice up the ole cubical! Or you could paint them with chalkboard paint and put them in your kitchen with grocery lists and recipes!!  The possibilities are endless!

If you have a project or "re-do" you're working on, please share--it's exciting to see what can be created!

My Journey to 1000 Gifts:
132. Using our home to bless Cru staff team
133. Solid teaching
134. Hearing God's voice
135. Cleaning
136. Harpo being on good behavior
137. Dreams of summer projects and gardens
138. Breakfast dates
139. Realization of energy depletion and fixing it
140. Being uniquely made
141. Prayer
142. The sound of coffee brewing
143. Compliments to lift your heart

You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

1 Peter 3:4

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