Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Bowl of Super Party 2012

Oh yes we did!  We just had a little Super Bowl Party for Ryan's co-workers and a few friends of ours.  Having our home full just reconfirms how much we love people, love hosting, and love some delicious football worthy food.  Have mercy, we are seriously SO stuffed and definitely have us some food babies.

And good news: Harpo was so nice to his second little kid (Rilyn being the first)!  He didn't growl, lunge, or act like a jerk.  He was his super cuddly self and really warmed up to her, thank goodness, we were worried!

Take a little peak into our afternoon!

{Levi (HWI's super cool intern!) and Matt hanging out at the kitchen island}

{A fancy little spin on water.  Add sliced oranges with lots of ice for a simple, snazzy drink}
{Organization and makes it easy to access the much needed utensils}

{What to do when everyone brought beer/root beer/orange cream soda? Put it in the snow to chill}

{Decker men getting their game on}

{Ryan, Daniel, Hannah}

{Hannah & Carly}

{Husband, Georgie, Carly}
Our ghetto TV set up, notice the antennas!  Ha!  We obviously watch TONS of TV}

 {This was hands down the BEST Superbowl food ever.  Fresh vegetables w/ hummus, Chicken Buffalo Dip, Meatballs, Roasted Garlic on Baguettes, Banana Nut Cranberry  Bread, Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs, and tons of great drinks. Why, yes we DID gain 10 lbs this evening, why do you ask?}

{Georgie, Jonathan (Ryan's hilarious/amazing boss), Janet, and Jake)

{Sweet Little Aria dancing like a ballerina}

After everyone left Ryan and I just talked about how grateful we are to work with people we LOVE!  Our co-workers are truly our friends and it's an honor that they make time for us.  Plus everyone at this par-tay is crazy and we just laughed the whole time!  So grateful for relationships and gatherings to celebrate--even things like the Super Bowl!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. Haha! I LOVE the pic of your TV with the antenna! We don't have satellite or anything, so we are the same way...just a 'good ole' antenna! Cute blog by they way!

    1. Omg Sandra sometimes I forget that I live in 2012 because we just don't have all the cool techy stuff haha I'm so with you on the antennas--yeah girl!

      Fun to have you on the blog :)



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