Monday, January 9, 2012

Stewarding Tim Tebow's Beliefs

There is no denying that this man is radically different! If you know anything about him, it's probably not just his football skills that you talk about right? Hmmmm......

Why is that? What makes Tebow so distinctly set apart?

He is a bold man for Christ, using his platform through football to bring glory to God, and taking the heat every week for his athletic abilities but even more for his faith in Christ.

Learning more and more about this man we realize how insanely legit he is! His heart is to lay down his entire life for Jesus, view himself rightly (the world doesn't revolve around him), and accurately represent the gospel to the world. Watch his testimony here:

Here is an honest look at his heart for Prison Ministry and his view of Jesus' insane love and forgiveness:

So before this turns into his next fan page, let's just be clear is no hope in Tebow. He is just one man, a sinner saved by Grace. Our hope is in Christ. But there is a unique opportunity presented to Coloradans specifically and those who love Jesus to further God's Kingdom which is Tebow's deepest desire.

This topic comes up in many conversations throughout the week at work, school, or with friends. Why not accurately and authentically represent who Tebow is and what he is all about? If he can do it in front of millions of people, haters, cameras, and fans every week I think that's the least we can do...

Random facts about John 3:16-it's one of the best verses in the whole Biblia and look at how those numbers add up for Tebow:

"Officially, Tebow passed for 316 yards against the Steelers, completing 10 of 21 pass attempts — meaning he passed for 31.6 yards per completion."

"First and foremost, I just want to thank my savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ," Tebow said at the postgame news conference. "I am so thankful for the platform God has given me."
-Tim Tebow

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16


  1. A football post!?! Can life get any better!?! I agree. Tebow is very clear in all of his interviews that football is a distant 6th to Jesus, his family, cancer patients, his peers, and his coaches. Also, the thing I like about him is America in general emphasises how to be a good sport when you lose. Tebow is very refreshing in that he also knows how to be a good sport when he wins. He doesn't rub it in people's faces, he doesn't bad mouth the haters. He downplays his performance, compliments his team and the opponent and immediately uses his platform to highlight Jesus and referencing the less fortunate. Now THAT is how to keep winning and losing in perspective.

  2. Casey amen amen amen! He really walks the walk and I respect him for it. But I love the emphasis over and over again that he places on NOT being perfect but simply a sinner saved by grace. A very needed reality check for Christians and those who watch them. Perhaps more football posts to come?!

    P.S. It's your birthday soon!

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