Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus in the 'Burbs

Food for Thought: What happens...

Sum up of this article: a Jesus-loving married couple lived a nutso lifestyle for years-working in slums across the world for the gospel, lived/raised their kids in China, boycotted new technology, and prided themselves on extremely cheap living standards. They were living crazy for Jesus! But then they grew up...Adulthood realities like safety, financial stability, education for the kiddos hit and they made some hard but necessary lifestyle changes. They were not longer the "revolutionaries" they once prided themselves to be.

So they grew all responsible revolutionaries must do.

While still living evident lives for Jesus they realized in this "grown up" state to not judge those who live whatever the "American Dream" is and figured out how to live life in the US minus the mediocrity or complacency. So now I want to know,

How do you love Jesus and live a life sold out for Him in the suburbs of America? That is what I find myself asking tonight.

I mean Ryan and I were sort of revolutionary not too long ago...we moved to a closed Middle Eastern country just 60 days after we were married, traveled ALL OVER the world, made friends across oceans and borders, did some insane ministry and will never be the same.

{Just 1 of our adventure to Yangshuo in the mountains of China}

But then we moved back to the States, bought a house, hooked ourselves up with 2 cars, some jobs and now live sort of 9-5.

So am I living any less for Christ now that I have a 30 year mortgage, a dog, and a steady income?? Do I think I'm somehow MORE devoted to the gospel if I boycott iPhones, do ministry for work, promote causes of injustice, and spend my Christmas breaks in India?

{My new and luxurious reality.}

I want to find the balance in the tension between sold out radicals for Jesus and the life of the 'burbs. (I suppose we're not total suburbia with no HOA and chickens on the way...but still!) It would be wise for me to examine what the Lord says is true in the Bible, examine my choices, and be in constant convo with the Lord to weigh options and lifestyles. I believe we CAN be radical but not inaccessible or "holier art than thou".

The cool part is that the Lord knows our hearts-we want to be different from the world and living outside of mediocrity. Bring it Lord, we're ready to be as normal or as crazy as you want!

{Real life hopes: travel, have passions, and surrender all at the foot of the cross}

Do not be
conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2


  1. Thanks for the invite, Carly!

    Did you say "no HOA and Chickens on the way"??? Oh, I am salivating!!!

    Big hellos from Joaquin :)

  2. Diana we don't have a dang HOA and we're so glad! But if you come over you will notice a lime green fence two blocks over and llamas next door. It's hilarious.

    We're checking out this website for chicks to hatch: More details to come :)

    Hi back to you sweet Joaquin--missing those cute cheeks!

  3. Llamas and lime [fence]- love the alliteration of that :)

    Can't wait to see pics of the chicks!!!

  4. P.S. Diana we just talked to some friends last night who recommended if you ever get chickens to get "pullets". They are teenage chickens. It turns out if a hatchery sends you the chicks they can't guarantee the sex at such a young age. So you might get stuck with a bunch of roosters! The said the best option is to wait until they are about 8 weeks old and you can be sure you're actually getting hens that will give you some good eggs. Just in case you guys every venture into chicken owning :)



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