Sunday, January 29, 2012


Get ready for the shock of the century... yes, Ryan Decker is writing a blog post. You may be asking yourself, "What warrants such an act?" Let me tell you.

Today I, along with the Heavenly Hosts, the cast of Modern Family (our favorite show), and the rest of the world are celebrating the birth of the one and only Carly Erin Decker.

My wife is the most amazing woman I know. To let her know I have come up with a list of 23 things that We (I and everyone that knows her) appreciate about her.

23 Things I appreciate about Carly Decker (in no particular order):
  1. She loves Jesus with every part of her and it shows.
  2. She opens up birthday presents and gets excited about receiving coupons!
  3. She calls our dog stinker so much that he now responds to the name.
  4. She made a foreclosed house a beautiful home.
  5. She has no problem fighting dirty when wrestling (poking, biting, etc)
  6. She turns our space heater on full blast while she showers so when she gets out it's a little warmer.
  7. She cooks delicious food like enchiladas and turkey-kale stir-fry.
  8. She is SO good at the piano.
  9. She is consistent with having daily time with God.
  10. She has red hair.
  11. She loves adventure and moved to Saudi Arabia to follow the Lord and me.
  12. She is faithful.
  13. She wanted to get married in a red barn with cowboy boots.
  14. She loves Africa and black babies (not in a racist way, in a Jesus-gave-her-that-heart way)
  15. She communicates with patience / gentleness.
  16. She literally makes an "ick" sounds when she wants me to know she doesn't like something!
  17. She is a care-taker (especially when I am being a baby).
  18. She has 'red-headed' baby vision 24/7.
  19. She is respectful.
  20. She color codes her part of the closet.
  21. She is a go-getter; she is not someone who talks about doing something for a long time. She actually does it.
  22. She always tries to roll her Rs, but unfortunately sounds more like a horse in the process.
  23. She chose to be my wife.
Carly, you bring me so much life. I love you.

{Carly w/ the presents from her parents on birthday "eve"}

{One delicious cake with the BEST frosting}

{A birthday feast! Cornish game hens, homemade bread, salad, white zinfandel, and cake!}

{Ryan with his bird}

{Harpo & Ivy "kissing"}

{Mom, Birthday Girl, Dad}

{Carly & Husband}

{Gazing at the cake while being wooed by a birthday melody}

{Amazing family birthday party, amazing birthday eve!}


  1. awwww....makes me sad that I'm not home but I'm glad you guys are having such a fun time celebrating! Keep your eyes peeled on the mail this week for a silly little something from your favorite sister! ;)

  2. we wish you were here too linny! ryan has some secretive plans this afternoon (i see a coffee shop in my future...just reading and drinking lattes) and yesterday with mom/dad/ivy was really fun! i'll be looking out for the package sister :) thanks for all the birthday love today

  3. Happy Birthday from the Deckers!!! Glad you have some plans and you are enjoying your weekend!

  4. Thanks Tyler, Anna, & Rilyn! We love you guys and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Carly! So glad God has made you into such an awesome sweet woman of faith!

    1. Angi!!! I'm super blessed by your encouragement!! Thanks so much for the birthday love!

  6. Happy Birthday, Carly! Wishing you a wonderful year :)

    1. Diana!! Thank you so much!! It was a phenomenal birthday and looking forward to 2012 as a 23 year old :)

  7. Oh how I LOVE this post. I am melting with the beauty of your love for each other. Carly, thanks for being born, sweet friend.

    1. beth we love you!! thanks for your encouragement and friendship



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