Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Stuff Galore!!

Question: Are we the only ones looking to save money this year? I didn't think so...

2012 means a very real look at money for the Deckers! We want to give more generously, save better, invest wisely, and cut unnecessary expenses. So we look out for the best deals and how to save some moo-lah!

And who doesn't love free stuff?!?

Here is what I found so far in my hunt to cut down on spending--I thought you would appreciate the resources too. Thank me later when your paycheck doesn't take such a hit. Bam!!

P.S. None of these companies know me so hopefully they don't mind my promotions :)

1. Free Yoga: WHAT??? It's true! offers free Laughter Yoga. Have you ever heard of something so dang cool? There are classes all over Colorado. Golden's is every Wednesday. It's 100% free for traditional yoga practice plus a laughing exercise thrown in there. So awesome!

2. Free Coupons: There is no Sunday paper subscription to this house so we rely on for our money saving coups! I signed up year ago and have used them every single week since.

3. Free Tea: Celestial Seasonings! Very Boulder-hippy of us. All the free tea you can drink and a free tour!

4. Free Movies: If we're not using some free Redbox code Ryan has used for the thousandth time (go husband!!) we rent at the library. May I also add that you can read all the free magazines (and free books, dur.) you want!

5. Free Fondue: Mostly free...we get to manage random Melting Pot events throughout the year and if you volunteer for a 3 hour shift (super easy work and every person gets their own gift card!) you get a free 4-course dinner to this ridiculously awesome fondue restaurant. Let us know!

6. Free Clothes/Decorations: Ladies, this is pretty much just for you. I have hosted several "Swaps" over the years for my friends. We theme it for the items being exchanged: "Summer Clothes Swap" or "Accessory Swap" or "House Decoration Swap". Every lady brings a few items they would like to trade with one another to spruce up their closet, home etc. It is always a hit with a few appetizers, fun drinks, and good friends! Try it out!

{Super simple tray to put together for snacking}

{With our sweet friend Caitlin, at the last Accessory Swap in May 2011}

7. Free Exercise: We strap on our snowshoes or hiking boots and hit the mountains for literally unlimited free adventuring. These AMAZING beauties are 100% free to use, soak them up!

{Our drive to church every week and anytime we adventure into these gorgeous mountains}

Follow this link for a more resources. There are tons of museums, the zoo, tours, and random other goodies. I am obsessed with it all!

I am feeling so grateful today to live in a place that offers us such abundant resources to live a full life with minimum costs! How cool is it that we can do so much for FREE? I'm thinking this is a direct answer to prayer that we might be able to cut costs in 2012. Thanks Lord!

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
41. Free activities and resources
42. Denver
43. Almond butter
44. Encouragement from my husband
45. Birch wood candles
46. Forgiveness
47. The promise of Ezekiel 26:26-27

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you".

Hebrews 13:5

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