Thursday, December 29, 2011

Different Week

This is a different but also a really life-giving type of week for us. While I work Ryan gets a whole week off to rest and get things accomplished! We are apart doing different things and while I don't know if I like being away from him for so long, I know it is probably healthy and stretching for us.

I get to be in Downtown for 5 more days at a ridiculously awesome Cru conference (follow that link if you want a glimpse into it). I only have time to write a blog now because students are in seminars and all my copying, map-showing, registering responsibilities are over for a few minutes. There are a lot of other things on the schedule but I'm really giddy over a flash mob on 16th street mall-you'll probably want to watch for that on youtube!

Ryan it seems is busy working on the house! He is so studly. In case you all wondered how Ryan could be good at so many things, it's because he is just that dang amazing! He is putting up trim, sawing things, probably nailing things on walls and lots of other to-do's. He is so good at making our house all safe and fixed up.

So the time apart is definitely a tension. Part of me wishes that I was with him on his vacation but another part of me is glad to be here in Denver using my gifts at a job I am so passionate about. I think I'm realizing how generally blessed we are to have time off and flexible hours with our employers. Being away from Ryan makes me appreciate who he is as a husband, man, and friend even more. But I won't be sad when I get to see him again soon!

Love is patient...

1 Corinthians 13:4

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