Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Ry and I are supper giddy to have our families over for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!! This will be our first time hosting, for our first thanksgiving together in America, in our first house, roasting our first turkey, with our first dog there for all the action. So many firsts! And it is Rilyn's (our niece) first Thanksgiving of life! We secretly hope she comes dressed as a turkey...

We're keeping it simple and doing everything potluck style-we'll provide the bird, cranberry sauce, house, and football and everyone is bringing their specialty side dish. I'm convinced this is the way to go so we don't loose our minds with stress. Ryan is all about brining the turkey this year (shout out to Tyler!) while I have my heart set on a beautiful table and cozy atmosphere. So looking forward to tomorrow and celebrating!

Since Thanksgiving is on the 24th here are 24 things we are feeling thankful for this Thanksgiving...

1. Jesus!
2. Our marriage and friendship
3. This blessing of a Golden home
4. Decker & Nelson Families
5. Sweet friends
6. Rilyn in love with that baby girl!
7. Work to accomplish
8. Days off after Thanksgiving
9. Reconnection times on Sunday mornings
10. Quilts and candles
11. The gospel (John 3:16)
12. Parents who bless us endlessly
13. KOSI 101.1 non-stop Christmas music
14. ESV Journaling Bible
15. A garage to park in
16. Good food to enjoy tomorrow
17. Reminders to be thankful
18. Times of sifting and pruning
19. Ability to be thankful in ALL circumstances (1 Thes. 5:18)
20. Yankee Candle Christmas scents
21. Harpo Thor, our new sweet golden pooch
22. Skyping with far away friends
23. Long walks around our neighborhood
24. Festivities tomorrow!

Our Thanksgiving last year looked very different but it's good for us to reflect on where the Lord took us, where he has brought us, and give thanks for different seasons of life.

{Ryan at Thanksgiving 2010 with now far-away friends}

{I'm sure his face will look no different this year when dessert is served!}

{Last year we used a GROCERY CART to push our Thanksgiving dishes about 3/4 mile to the hosts house. Only in Saudi Arabia!}

...Give thanks in
all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you

1 Thessalonians 5:18


  1. We are excited to be part of all your firsts! And Rilyn will not be dressed as a turkey, but she will be cute :)Excited for tomorrow!

  2. Ok she can come dressed however she wants but we still want to play tricks on her.

    And we are feeling especially expectant of THE heart attack mashed potatoes. We might need to walk after dinner tomorrow :)



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