Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent/Upcoming Adventures

We just got a hold of a rockin Advent resource from Urban Skye Publishing. Are you familiar with Advent? I really am not. I've never had an advent experience before but I am challenged and really anticipating how this daily routine will keep our eyes focused on Christ during the Christmas season. The first day starts tomorrow, December 1st, so please join us in our advent adventure whether you use this resource or another!

It’s not a question of whether you find Christmas enjoyable or frantic or irrelevant or sentimental. The question is: do you experience Christmas as a spiritual time?

- From the introduction to THIN PLACES, an Urban Skye Advent Guide

In other news, we leave in about 72 hours for our big trip to "South Asia" (Oh ministry vaguness...we're flying to the country where the Taj Mahal is located and where Mother Teresa served in ministry...subtle, I know.)

There are a lot of plans for this trip like growing partnerships, campus ministry, training students, team connection etc but the two things I find my thoughts really settling on are:

1. Time ministering to women in brothels and who are currently in slavery of the sex traffic system as well as loving on young ladies aged 9-17 who have been RESCUED from sex trafficking. Wow. Two very different experiences but truly waiting upon Jesus to show up and strengthen us.

Generous friends and supporters donated over 500 chapsticks, 200 nail polishes, dozens of candy canes, as well as bags of clothes and shoes to bless these sweet girls with! All through a several Facebook status requests!

2. I am also really looking forward to serving in Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying. This facility was set up by Mother Teresa as a place where those of the lowest caste system, the dalits could die with dignity and the feel the blessing of human touch:

dalit: a designation for a group of people traditionally regarded as Untouchable

Here they experience care in their finals months or moments. Our daily goals include changing bed pans, holding sick hands, clipping toenails, cleaning rooms, or serving in anyway needed. If I'm honest this will probably expose some really ugly sides of my self-comfort and selfish weakness. We are prayerfully considering and begging for motives to serve to reflect the gospel of Jesus and see His kingdom come even for a few hours in this home.

So that is what we are up to these next few weeks. After the 10 day trip as a staff team Ryan and I get to stay back in India for 3 more days to just explore the country and be together. I'm anticipating tremendous amounts of chai tea, good reading, and needed reflection in those days. Updates and stories to come!

He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.

2 Samuel 22:20


  1. Oh Carly I am so so so excited for you!! That is going to be so neat! Please update us while you're over there if you can? It would be so neat to see what God is doing!

  2. Angi, thanks for being excited with us! I will absolutely try to do updates while there. I believe we have internet at the place we're staying...probably sketchy internet tho haha

  3. Hey Carly! We will be praying for your trip. Also I hope you enjoy celebrating Advent. By the way, it started on November 27th. It always starts the 4th Sunday before Christmas.

  4. Casey you commented! Thanks for praying.

    So Advent...I'm a late starter! But luckily this tool that I have started today, it is a 25 day exercise so a little different. But next year I will for sure be starting on the real time.

    Hope work is awesome and Connie doesn't call wanting to buy chandeliers and new cars and yachts.



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