Monday, October 24, 2011

House Progress Pictures!

Notice that these are not the "After" pictures but "Progress" pictures :) Like MAJOR progress, praise the Lord for that!

We are so thrilled to be living here. We are abundantly blessed and aware of how much we've been given. Enjoy these pictures!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Progress:
{Not an after shot because of the baseboards and the counter tops to be installed soon}

{Do you like that sweet orange sticker on our dishwasher?? Ha!}

{Wow, it is really messy but it's fun to see that big wall out and the breakfast bar progress}

Living Room Before:
{So long orange shag carpet...}

Family Room Progress:

{Much brighter and BETTER without that weird ceiling fan}

{Helloooo dark wood floors!}

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room Progress:

And my personal favorite because we have not had our own washer/dryer for 10 months...

Laundry Room/Pantry After:

How fun is that?! Our bedrooms are a mess with boxes right now and the rest of the kitchen is covered in boxes. But for now that should be a fun sneak peek!

This home is a joy for us because we both love being hospitable and hosting people whether it's for dinner or for a weekend! This house really isn't "ours" though and we like to keep good perspective on where our hope is fully in the Christ! We like to view this home (and all our other material stuff!) like it's on loan from the Lord and to be cautious in not storing our identity or treasure up in it. Because it is all fleeting and won't last!! But for now, here on Earth, we are blessed and excited to invite you in!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

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