Friday, September 23, 2011

Weddings, Updates, Peach Sauce

 I wonder if the randomness of posts has anything to do with general life discombobulation?

(Caitlin, Rachelle, Kate, Carly at the Rehearsal)

Here are fun pictures from the Wood's Wedding rehearsal and dinner! Rachelle and Ross were married Sept 9 and it was gorgeous! Think aspens, gray/yellow, a red barn and homemade pies instead of cake. It was epic.

We were super honored to participate as a bridesmaid and usher which was just a blast. But beyond how fun their wedding was we were really pierced when the pastor charged those standing up with them as a major part of their support system and accountability.

It was just a cool reminder that we need godly support in our marriage OFTEN! We run to God daily and often others for prayers, support, and love. I was reminded and convicted that marriage is not even a "two way thing", but a three way triangle between God, Husband, Wife. We are not meant to do it alone and community is just one way the Lord knew to help us out. Rambling rambling but dang it is cool to be able participate in authentic community. Feeling grateful today.

Other random things:

A turkey/veggie farm share filled lasagna bakes away in the oven as I write this (obviously wrote this yesterday evening...) Makes me hungry for fall!

We close at 2:3o today!! Insert mild panic (but mostly excitement) for Ryan signing a document promising to pay a 6 figure number for the next 30 years. What a guy!

We are painting our lives away this weekend to be ready for floor installation. We're having dark chocolatey floors installed early Oct which thrills me to no end! It took some convincing but Ryan trusts my wild decorating visions. And can you even picture the paint color called Bright & Early? Well that is the color of our bedroom. So dreamy. How about Vapor Trails? That is for the living room/dining room/kitchen walls. But that is enough paint talk. Just so excited for a home!

On another note, my car was covered with confetti this morning. Errr...not sure why myself so no explanation.

Feeling like life is full and fast paced in September. We're remembering to slow it down so we have a date night calling our name: bike rides and a movie. Also try out our recipe for an ice cream topping below which is what we'll be enjoying for dessert. I always vote for Elf on movie date night but somehow I think I won't win...

Warm Honey Peach Sauce

3 organic peaches
2 tbsp raw honey

Peel the peaches and cut into large chunks. Place peach pieces into a small pot on medium-high heat. Use potato masher (or some other mashing utensil) to smash peaches until they are juicy and liquidy. While stirring, pour in 2 tbsp honey and heat until steaming.

Place sauce over creamy vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

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