Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chocolatey Afternoon

Remember how we manage Melting Pot Events once in a while? And how we have to bring a HUGE amount of melted, gooey, milk chocolate in a big ole pot?

Well with that in mind picture about a gallon of chocolate not secured in the back of a certain red 4-Runner. Now picture a certain husband hitting his brakes to not miss his exit...

Anyone picturing what could happen?????

Yes indeed. We had over a gallon of chocolate dumped ALL over the back of our poor vehicle. It took over 4 hours of intense clean up and we resorted to ripping up the back interior completely. Dang it was a M-to-the-ESS.

I learned how to remain patient and graceful even when I didn't feel like it at all. Ryan probably learned something from google about "how to clean up melted chocolate" ha ha ha! It is funny only now!

Lesson of the day? Secure large pots of chocolate tightly. And then double check. And then don't hit the brakes for any reason other than small children and old pedestrians.

I love you Ryan Decker and your driving!

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Don't be mad that I literally laughed out loud when I read this story! On the bright side, at least it wasn't a gallon of milk that soured in every possible crevice and stinked up your car for the rest of forever! I miss you both bundles and bundles!

  2. "At least it isn't poop!" -Ryan Decker

    Way to look on the bright side Linny...



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