Monday, July 11, 2011

The Real Deal

Just read this interesting quote as I'm working on Campus Crusade training that got me thinking quite a bit. Dig deep into the words...

Preaching the need for faith without repentance is preaching only half the gospel. It will result in people being deceived, thinking that they have heard the Christian gospel and tried it, but nothing has happened. They might even say something like, 'I accepted Christ over and over again and it never worked.' Yet they never really did receive Christ as their Savior, for he comes to us in his majesty and invites us to receive him as he is - the one who deserves to be, and demands to be, absolute Lord of our lives as well.


I am sometimes tempted to share or believe half the gospel. Ugh! But that's not the real deal, how awesome! Jesus desires to be Lord of all in your life and accepted as the person who took on that gnarly cross for us! The way we see real fruit and change in our life is by laying down all our junk (even the junkiest of the junk) at His feet AND making a real decision in faith to live for Him.

Whew! That is intense but if we do it halfheartedly we can expect zilch life/heart change. I'm encouraged by the whole invitation that Jesus lays out, to take us just as we are, never expecting us to get our stuff together before we meet Him. He makes us into a new creation, into a fully forgiven and clean person. You know when people say "I need to get my stuff together then I'll find Jesus..." Well I ask, "Uh, why would you take a bath and then get in the shower???" (weird analogy...) But isn't that true?! You can't do the cleaning up so let Jesus do it for you the real and whole way.

Hope this encourages you that Jesus wants it all and asks to have your whole life so He can radically live in and through it. Repentance and faith together are his style. The Lord doesn't do anything half way so you can expect a FULL commitment from His end. I dig that.

I have had one message for Jews and Greeks alike—the necessity of repenting from sin and turning to God, and of having faith in our Lord Jesus.

Acts 20:21

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