Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grateful for Rafts

We're grateful for a lot of stuff this week! Momma & Poppa Decker treated the Decker tribe to a day of white water rafting on Sunday! We went to Idaho Springs for a 6.5 mile rafting trip. Y-lo even paid our guide $1 to try and throw Ryan overboard but Ryan's legs were locked in tight to the side of the raft and he stayed dry. Lucky guy. We're grateful for super generous parents, the adventure of rafting, families that we love, Colorado outdoor time, and mountains!!!

Boat 1: Georgie, Meg, Tyler, Clint, Anna & Y-lo

Boat 2: Carly, Ryan, Matt (our friend), Jason, Stacey

(Disclaimer: Y-lo zoomed in on this pic above and now it is her FAVORITE picture b/c my tongue is hanging out of my mouth like a fool! ha ha Good catch on the zoom!)

Y-lo ready for the water!

Ryan & Matt. Nice shirt.

Clint & Meg gearing up

The time in the mountains for a day was just a good break from our busy summer. We enjoyed soaking up sun, and just being with family. Our hearts are full from this weekend!

In other news, Ryan is still LOVING biking to work. It honestly takes him 5 minutes. We left the apartment together a few days ago and he arrived on his bike in the same time it took me to drive! We're grateful for lowered gas prices in our budget, exercise for Ry daily, and the convenience of work being close!

We're also grateful that the summer is nearing an end so my work starts soon, grateful that Ryan loves his job, grateful for our 18 pound bag of veggies that arrived yesterday (literally, it is huge), and grateful for the Lord filling up our lives so full.

For all of this we are very grateful to you.
Acts 24:3

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