Wednesday, July 13, 2011

End of July Update

It's time for a Decker update, list style! Some how it always starts with a house update...

1. We're "half way" under contract with the house. What does this mean you say? Well, as some of you know it was a bank owned short sale so it is pretty complicated to get everything done. One out of the two owning banks has accepted our offer (which was $25k less than the asking price!!) and we anticipate the other to accept by tomorrow. For now we have scheduled an inspection and we are already dreaming about what needs to happen first. Sometimes I can get ahead of myself but at the top of my list is to get rid of the house's ghetto front door and replace it with something like this one. Dreamy....

{Ryan calls this front door "friendly".}

2. Random food update: We had honey-lemon glazed salmon tonight! It sat on top of our farm share red lettuce, avocados, red bell pepper and red onion. Is veddy goot. Our friend Alex created a super summery dessert: stewed rhubarb topped with strawberries, sour cream and toasted walnuts. SO GOOD!

3. We've been learning a lot about marriage lately and have been super convicted about how we spend our time and are a steward of our marriage. We've been asking these hard questions lately and love seeing God show up to help us answer them:

-Is work or ministry ever coming above our time with the Lord or our marriage?
-Is any other aspect of our lives ever coming above the Lord or our marriage?
-What can we change so we spend more quality time with the Lord and each other?
-How can we model the marriage between Christ and the church better through our own marriage?
-In what ways do we need to surrender our time, work, ministry, or anything else to better glorify God in and through marriage?

4. Ryan's bottle wash design officially shipped out and he is now working on what Healing Waters has named "The Supermodel". More details to come but of course he is loving every minute of work and we are so blessed that he goes to a job he is passionate about. The work location finally moved too so he is exactly 6 minutes away BY BIKE! He is also proud of himself for setting up a dual screen computer system and his own personal desk :) Check out their new website if you get a chance here

5. I've been thinking more and more about the products that we use and consume lately. Are we consuming responsibly and in a way that honors God? Most likely someone in another country, who is "poor" has been slaving over certain products. Eeek! Is that OK? What does the Lord say about it? I'm starting to wondering if the products we choose are sustainable and if the people who make them are treated fairly? I'm buying a few of "The Better World Shopping Guide" below to shop responsibly and support companies that protect the poor, the weak, and the defenseless.

{This book gives a vast range of products an A-F ranking so you can quickly identify responsible companies- turning your grocery list into a powerful tool for change.}

6. That's about it for us! We're wrapping up July with more hang outs with people, several Melting Pot events, a day of white water rafting with the Deckers, packing up our apartment and a Bridal Shower for the newest official Decker addition, Megan! It's been a great, busy, learning-intense summer so far!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27

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