Monday, June 20, 2011

Laughing at Peter

I don't normally laugh out loud when I read scripture but Acts 12 was pretty ridiculous today. This is a book about the early church and the earliest Christians figuring out how to navigate their faith with the new gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts begins with Pentecost, and shows how the people Jesus entrusted, set off to do the work they had been commanded.

Ok now onto the good stuff stuff:

Poor Peter was just having a hard day. He had been locked up in jail by an angry tyrant leader who had plans to kill him and/or release him to an angry mob of people (Acts 12:4).

As Peter was innocently taking a little nap between armed two guards one night an angel appeared to him. Now when I picture an angelic encounter I picture this beautiful, strong, scary being coming in peace. White lights, clouds, the whole shabang. This is what peter got...The angel hit him!!

He struck peter on the side" (Acts 12:8)

Ha!! I really hope it's not blasphemous to laugh at Peter getting slammed by an Angel. Oh phew, poor guy. You think the angel God sent would have gently sang Peter to consciousness, not hit the poor guy in the ribs.

But that's not all...

After a miraculous and daring escape through the prison and city Peter decided to go to the home of Mary, the mother of John, to let the believers there know he was alive and well. A servant girl named Rhoda ran to answer the door and to in her astonishment and excitement to see Peter she left the worn out guy standing in the dark, on the street fully exposed to the authorities pursuing him!! Poor poor Peter. Can you just imagine him standing there so confused about everything that just went down?!? He must have been totally bewildered. She did eventually come back for him but only after he continued pounding on the door to be rescued!

Whoever said following Jesus was easy should re-read Acts 12. Peter got a smack down by an angel after a long night in prison and was left by an giddy teenie bopper on the streets to near certain capture.

Sometimes scripture is just too much for me- I love it! I love the humorous side of God that likes to mix it up a little but still provides entirely. He is so unpredictable.

God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection

2 Samuel 22:31

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  1. Girl! I laugh all the time when I'm having quiet times! The other day I was reading 2 Timothy and there's a part where it says "Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. Their teaching will spread like gangrene."

    Ha! Gangrene! What a funny (and gross) comparison!



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