Tuesday, June 21, 2011


In addition to an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables lately we are realizing we have an abundance of other good stuff too!!

1. Family and friends who love us so well
2. Lots of summer plans with our favorite people
3. Eternal life (our favorite one!)
4. Bike rides
5. Ladies Bible Study (just for me, not for Ry)
6. Grilling, grilling, and more grilling
7. Walks, and runs
8. Rain
9. The Lord's unending provision
10. More and more opportunities to brag on God

See those dirty root veggies? Green onions and radishes w/ spinach in the background.

Some people eat foot long hot dogs...we get foot long rhubarb!

From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.

John 1:16


  1. Ha, bible study may be just for you but really I think Tyler and Ryan are enjoying it and getting so much from their time together too....

  2. Carly, where do you get your produce? It looks awesome!

  3. Anna-they do love their time together!

    Angi-We get it from Grant Family Farms. We are doing a Family Vegetable Share with one other couple. The farm is up in Fort Collins but we pick up our share from a location about a mile from us. It is so easy and affordable for 26 weeks of organic produce! The farm also produces eggs, bread, cheese, fruit, and some other products too!



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