Tuesday, June 7, 2011

12 Miles Up Hill

Ryan Decker has decided he LOOOOVES biking. Absolutely crazy about it. So far his heart just quickens over mountain biking and road biking but probably one day he'll ride home on a unicycle and I won't be surprised...

Well he works with lots of other guys that also happen to share this love of biking so 3 of them decided to bike to work. No, not the 1.4-mile-flat bike ride to the new office right by our house, the 12 mile-UPHILL-the-whole-way bike ride to the old office off of I-70 and Genesee Park.

They didn't bike on 1-70 but there is a road that runs along the highway with less traffic. Way to go husband-you are a stud at so much stuff!

They are studs.

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