Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation Festivities!

(WARNING: Prepare for many pictures and a long post)
Graduation was this morning and it was GOOD! Veddy goot. Cold might be an accurate word to also describe it but thank the Lord it didn't rain on us. It was a great ceremony and a great finish to 4 years. My degree is in Psychology which should be helpful in college ministry. So it is thanks to my amazing parents who generously paid my tuition (!!), a very sweet husband who supported me through some crazy study sessions, and most importantly Jesus who firmly rooted my identity and ability in Him- that I GRADUATED.

Enjoy some pictures:
{Sweet husband celebrating graduation!}

{Awkwardly gazing lovingly at the ground...}

{Holla at the Nelsons!}

{Sweet friends since freshmen year, Hannah (left) and Alyse (right)}

{Graduation lunch at McGrath's}

{Graduation dog thing to top some amazing presents!!}

Here's the truth: this graduate got spoiled rotten this week!! Surprise baskets from Stace, dinner with my hubs, lunch with the Nelsons, a spa package/other goodies from my parents, a cute tiny lamp from sister Linny, and these fun treats (below) from the Careys. How did I even get so blessed?!?!?!

{Coconut Macaroons}

{Candy Land!}

{An incredible white orchid. Oh it is beautiful.}

Wherever you go and whatever you do,you will be blessed.
Deuteronomy 28:6

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