Saturday, April 16, 2011

When the Bible Reads You!

RJD here. So in case you haven't noticed from past posts from Car, we have been experiencing some serious growth. From our personal times reading and praying to applying to CCC, to working at HWI to our friendships to life, it's been a tough and stretching season of life.

God has been rocking me in a few ways as well. I heard one of my favorite pastors, Matt Chandler, a few mornings ago say, "It's easy to read the Bible. It's another story when the Bible reads you." I have been thinking the last few days on how the Bible reads me. Aka, how the Bible (really, God's Spirit) knows me, gently points out my sin, and calls me to more. I will now explain with extremely well thought out bullet points (yeah right!):
  • The Bible is SUPER clear on how God feels about pride. It freaks me out a little, but basically God opposes the proud. OPPOSES! About the time of hearing that scripture, I started thinking, "Crap, I don't want to be opposed, but I think I am doing pretty good on this front." Was I wrong! The next few days God really pointed out to me pride is 2 areas of my life.
  • The first was work. I noticed one morning how I was almost fixed on being noticed and recognized for doing good work. I wanted to be supplying good ideas and was even jealous when other people WERE giving the great ideas. Don't get me wrong, wanting to be a great employee is legit, but not when my motivation is to be praised for it. When I started my job I knew that God would give me the good ideas I needed to be successful and that I wanted Him to be praised. Getting that mixed up is just ugly.
  • The other area was my marriage. When I seek to make my relationship with Carly more about me being right, rather than us both coming to God for grace and growth, the battles wage on. I am unwilling to forgive and ask for forgiveness when pride seeps in. Man, it's freaking nasty stuff.
Through all of it though, I have seen the Lord show up again and again. Car and I are super thankful that "He gives grace to the humble." I am super thankful for my wife that continues to have patience with me and I am thankful for my sweet beard that is coming in nicely.

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