Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Rilyn Love

Here's the truth. We have the cutest niece in the whole world. Fo reals. She is just too cute, we can't even stand it. You know a baby must be well liked when Uncle Ryan even offers to babysit while the ladies are at Bible Study (see below). And Rilyn really likes her uncle because he has a nice soft chest to fall asleep on. We are such suckers for this Decker baby!!

{I can't even handle this picture. Take it away or I'll want a baby!!}

{The only picture we have with her together...This must change.}

{Important Note: Rilyn's parents love her so much that one time they had a professional photographer take some sweet pictures of her with pink head bands on and fluffy pink blankets. Her cute little bum even made it into one! But we love this very candid shot of her wild hair and that crazy look in her eyes. Bahaha!}

We are so proud of this little chunker. She is gorgeous and fiesty and strong and so cherished! Plus her parents are rockstars for making and raising someone so dang adorable!

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  1. I love that you love Rilyn so much that you dedicated a post to her...she is one lucky baby!



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