Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Growing of Wheatgrass

Today's amazing spring-y type of feel makes me want to go on a bike ride or eat lunch outside in the sun OR tell you what we have been growing lately...

It started out as this...A simple bag of wheat grass seeds from Vitamin Cottage

Then you follow the directions and soak the seeds for 10-12 hours to sprout them. I didn't see any actual sprouts but this step is important. I would use half the package next time. We just grew ourselves A LOT of grass!

After they have soaked, drain the seeds and fill up a few pots up with good soil.
Leave 1-2 inches of room from the top.

Then just put the seeds on TOP of the soil. Yeah, that's right. Weird. Get yourself a spray bottle to frequently mist these little guys a few times a day. Moisture = Grass.
Make sure you put them in as much direct sunlight as possible!

I planted Monday night and by Friday morning I had 2.5 inches already!!

Plant them in anything. I used a teacup, some little pots and some big pots.
So cute!
Make sure you trim them up regularly or it will fall over and be very pitiful.

So what do we do with all this grassy goodness? Well you tie a bow around that pot and give it away to someone you dig. Or you decorate your home with it to welcome spring. Or the best use I think would be to trim that bad boy and throw a handful of grass into a smoothie to give it an intense health boost! Enjoy!

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