Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yoga Complexities

Yoga and I are starting to get a complicated relationship. I absolutely adore yoga. But a lot of people definitely do not share my feelings.

I get kind of bummed out when I google for a yoga podcast or video and about every other hit is something like "Yoga is Satan's Work" or "Yoga and Christianity Aren't Compatible BAH!

That is nonsense in my opinion and anything can be redeemed for the Lord. Yoga literally translates to mean "union". In my case, union with God, union with the way He made our bodies to move, and even union with Him in meditation and prayer during the practice of yoga.

I get the fine line that people are talking about. Yoga's roots are in Hinduism and their stance is that everything is God so they are being encouraged to be unified or to connect with an impersonal spiritual substance. It's certainly not a Christian's goal in practicing a form of yoga to get mixed up in anything spiritually harmful or profane. Here's the main deal though: Postures, poses, and meditation are given meaning when we allow it. There does not have to be anything blasphemous about yoga. God is a radical, and into health (he did make out bodies after all!) and I think he would dig it that we are getting stretched, toned and healthy but with mindfulness to how and why we do it.

Just my opinion. The line can be dangerous. I'm not convinced AT ALL that Christians can't practice yoga. In fact I think that the exact opposite is true. We are called to be light in the dark places of the world. Praying a beam of light can be shed into the wonderful wellness and even spiritual healthfulness that yoga brings.

You, LORD, are my lamp; the LORD turns my darkness into
2 Samuel 22:29

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