Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom's Birthday Celebration

A lot of the good people we love were birthed in March it seems! Ty, Stace, my mom and probably some other ones we forgot...oops! Here are a few pictures from this weekend with the Nelson clan. Lindsay and I made our mom a homemade Pink Lady Cake (recipe from smittenkitchen.com) which was an interesting adventure since our kitchen is practically from the stone age. Ryan and I choose not to have a microwave which makes softening butter somewhat difficult as you'll see a few pictures down. Linny is the bake master so she had to work with what we had, I think she is glad to be back to her domestic goddess hook-ups in Utah!

{How do YOU melt butter? You don't use a warm tea kettle? Odd.}

{And you don't fill a sink up with hot water when you need it to soften further?}

{The master mind behind this plan was in good spirits despite the lack of supplies}

{Ah, a delicious pink batter. My respect is heightened for Little House on the Prairie Days}

{Why yes, it DID taste just as good as it looks!}

{Check out the creeper in the background}

{One happy birthday momma}

{How nice, the Nelson parents!}

{Some homemade ribbons on mom's presents and Linny's fruit fly birthday card}

A great weekend! A fun birthday! And I forgot to mention that we had dinner at Salt up in Boulder off Pearl Street. It was incredible food-organic, locally harvested, sustainably grown. Try it out if you're up that way anytime soon! Enjoy this weather today!

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