Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Update

We've been up to a lot these last few days and weeks! Shall we give you a run-down?

1. We think we have found the church we will call home!! Hillside Community Church in Golden. Was it love at first sight? Yes indeedy. These people are truly seeking the face of God, the teaching is incredible, and the worship if phenomenal. Disclaimer: The church is (of course) run and attended by lots of dang sinners.... SO it is not going to be perfect and we don't want have expectations that it will be. But by God's Spirit and grace it will be a place where we love people, are filled up, and see His hand move over Golden. We dig it and we are pumped for Sundays!

2. I, (Carly speaking...did you even think it was Ryan? Does he ever blog? Getting side tracked...) was accepted for Campus Crusade staff yesterday afternoon. Long story short this ministry and job has been on my heart for awhile. Luckily the good people of Denver are SO flexible and amazing and let me not only turn my application in super late, but got back to me with a job offer in a record 4 days!!! That is amazing! So yes, I am raising my own support. Yes, I'll be doing college ministry. And yes, I am SUPER jazzed! This is the career that God has for me for as long as He sees fit. You can look up more at this website:

3. My dreamy husband is collecting poop water today to run tests for his sytem. My heart gets all giddy even at the thought of him elbow deep in sludgy brown stuff. Too much? His prototype for the bottle washing system is going SO well! He is on budget, on time, and loving his work. It is such a big sigh of relief that he loves his work and he comes home giddy every night. If there was ever a dream job for once-upon-a-time little boys who swoon over legos and building things, then Ryan Decker found it.

4. Anna, Stacey, Kristin and I have officially started the Beth Moore Bible Study "Jesus the One and Only". Every time I do a Beth Moore study I realize how much more there is to know about the Word than I could ever comprehend. It's a sweet time on Monday nights for the 4 of us plus we giggle and smooch all over Rilyn, so I officially declare that sweet baby is the highlight!

5. We have been able to see and love some of our most very favorite people the last few weeks and it has been good! We are filled up and loved well. Last night we went to the Melting Pot with the Meverdens and filled up on cheese, chocolate and good talks. And here are a few pics of a fun Saturday night we had with our friends Hannah & Daniel. We are digging community these days!

Our hearts are full this week! We will keep you updated as our adventures continue to play out...


  1. Wow! Carly how exciting! Is Ryan on staff too? Where are you guys going to serve? I'm thinking about joining full time staff with Master Plan next year! We should totally grab coffee and talk about ministry and support and stuff! :)

  2. Angi! Great to hear from you. So no, Ryan isn't joining staff but only because he is a full-time Water Engineer with a non-profit called Healing Waters. They bring water and the gospel to developing countries. He is so cool!

    So I'm gearing up for a part-time position but it's still the whole enchilada with support raising, ministry, staff meetings etc...We'll be on the Denver CRU team. Ryan will act more as an amazing husband-volunteer and still gets to be super involved.

    Let's definitely get coffee. Can you e-mail me? carly.erin.decker (at) gmail (dot) com



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