Monday, March 7, 2011

Tae Bo with Ryan & Billy Blanks

What you have just witnessed is the magnificent specimen of Ryan J Decker III practicing Tae Bo with one of Billy Blanks' intense work out videos. It is actually quite impossible for me to work out with him when we do these videos because I laugh so hard and can't do the moves. So instead I get out Flip Video out and bless you fine viewers with this footage. Oh baby baby how he rocks those kicks and punches!!


  1. It is the same story at our house. It doesn't help that I think Adam Pacheco is the funniest man on earth. I cannot do a work out video with him, but I do get a really good laugh.

  2. Amen Arissa! I just laugh the whole time-a good ab work out I guess!

  3. For a second I thought I was watching a workout montage from Rocky IV, but then realized that Rocky had eyebrows and a sweet sweaty tan!

    Love you guys!



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