Friday, March 25, 2011

Amen, Pass the Burgers!

What is a loving and devoted husband to do when his wife is busy filling out a job application, with low and quickly descending iron levels, and a tendency to grumpiness at the faintest grumble of her stomach? You make some dee-lish-us burgers and fries that's what!! We are health fans around our hood and I think Ryan definitely rocked this meal...although I am 100% sure he would have rather been preparing this all on a grill instead of the ignoble frying pan.

Do you ever judge us for just posting pictures of food like it's our child or something?

{Their looks deceive them! That is 100% organic lean beef. Curses on all that grease.}

{Those, good people, are sweet potato fries. We should have made a double batch.}

Some day when we have a child or dog as cute as our niece (you're cuter than a dog Rilyn!) maybe we'll post pictures of them...or maybe not. They might be naughty and we'll just show you what we had for dinner instead :)

1 comment:

  1. Yummm...sweet potato fries! You will post pictures of your insanely cute children...even if they are naughty!



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