Saturday, December 25, 2010

6 Countries in 6 Months of Marriage

We are home to beautiful, mountainous, crisp, Colorado and hopefully for awhile! After traveling for 40+ hours to get home we had plenty of time to reflect on our last half of a year and realized that in our short 6 months of marriage we traveled to 6 countries! The United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, China, and most recently Israel. We did make pit stops in Hong Kong, Jordan and Palestine but weren't really at any long enough to "count" them. Anyway, after all of those countries, planes, trains, taxis, buses, cuisine experiences, and adventures we decided we have grown so tremendously individually, in our marriage and in our walks with the Lord. We are grateful for that time that was often difficult but very sharpening and growing for us...

Other than that we arrived last night about 6:30 pm after some close calls with missing flights due to bad weather in Europe. We are feeling VERY blessed to be home and enjoying Christmas in Colorado. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Nelsons. We pretty much got totally spoiled with BBQ ribs, Black Butte Porter and too many fun gifts. A cappachino maker, snowshoes, and a cute gray peacoat for Carly. Ladder Golf, a knife set, and snowshoes for Ryan. We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and praying the rest of this day is joyful and full of His presence!

Finally, here are a few pictures of our last few days in Saudi Arabia with more pictures to come of our trip to Israel with Yvonne, George and Stacey! So fun and bonding! And congratulations to Ryan Decker who now officially has his MASTERS in Environmental Engineering!!!

Ryan and Ali-who was definitely our favorite guy to tease and laugh with!

My beautiful friend Cynthia, from Nigeria who I already miss

Ryan and his friend David from Germany...check out those sweet shorts!

Ammar and Bedour who were amazing hosts and friends to us in Saudi

Our table of friends at a fancy KAUST dinner for

Celebrating Ryan's Masters Degree with the Deckers!

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