Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

It's over. I've deleted my facebook account though it will not be "officially" terminated for another 14 days. Thanks for that last string of hope Zuckerberg. I have spent a lot of time thinking about why I do not want or need a FB account.

Top Reasons for Deletion
-My data and information is not truly private
-It is a waste of time (ex: farmville??? mafia wars???)
-FB is not oriented towards God but towards a societal norm
-Did I mention the time waster one yet?!
-They were using me. FB is the company and they sell ads. They make money off of me. I was another statistic for them to make some major cash. I served as an upaid employee.
-FB practices some questionable business ethics-I want disassociation from their brand
-Can I really call 953 people my friends? I want to pour into REAL relationships.
-FB proves to be an easy temptation to avoid getting meaningful work done

"Having turned inward in a search for meaning, we turn outward in a search for direction, scanning others for the social signals they emit regarding what is in and what is out, what is desirable and what is not. . . . This person is oriented not to inner values but to other people. It is in the peer group that acceptance is found and outcasts are named. . . . Where once people took pride in accomplishments and in their character, [they] think only of how they stand with others. . . . Once people worked to achieve tangible ends, to accomplish things. Now, such accomplishments are of far less significance than one's "image." Once people worked; now they manipulate. Once people sweated; now they seduce. Once people wished to be respected, to have their accomplishments recognized; now they wish to be envied, regardless of whether they are envied for anything they have actually accomplished"
-David F. Wells in his book titled "No Place for Truth"

I feel totally solid in deleting FB. For those people that keep it I hope it serves as a useful and encouraging tool in your life for purpose and authentic community. No judgment here, I only know why I got rid of mine. Instead of spending my time staring at a screen and disconnected from REAL people I dig hanging out with I'll instead spend my time doing even more of these activities that I love:
Developing authentic community, time in God's Word, hanging out with friends, being outside, playing guitar, drawing, writing letters/postcards, praying, serving my husband, planning a surprise for someone, baking, drinking coffee at the library, learning something new, volunteering, having friends over, writing a Bible Study, and watching Nacho Libre.

I am so glad to walk away from the cyberworld and back into the real world.

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  1. Lady you sound very nice and very God conscious, Why don't you look into the Quran. Jesus peace be upon him is mentioned 500% more than he was mentioned. Quran prompt people put allot of resigning and thought. the following link is the biging of 9 part lecture by american professor Dr. Gary Miller.

    your saudi experience will not be complete till you know the. i will love to read about what you think about it our email me what you think



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