Saturday, October 2, 2010

Month 3 in Saudi

Our 2nd post from Saudi Arabia! I (Carly) keep getting asked what it's like to be a woman living in the Middle East. The words challenging and frustrating come to mind. But so do exciting and adventurous!! Remembering to wear an abaya when I leave the campus, or not to shake some dude's hand after he just washed for the holy prayers is a new world for me. Ryan can attest that in my least grace-filled moment I silently cussed out a man or two who refused to shake my hand, simply because I am a woman! *loud sigh* Oh well, I know it's not me but simply a culture worlds away from the one I grew up in. On the bright side Saudi means I get to meet sweet people from every corner of the world: South Korea, Brazil, Canada and Nigeria to name a few. Plus I'm learning modesty on a WHOLE new level and embracing it to the fullest. This is where God has us and I rejoice to be in a desert!
If there was ever a more applicable verse than this I have yet to find it: "The Lord had said to Abram, 'Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father's family, and go to the land that I will show you.'" Genesis 12:1
God called Abram from his home country Ur, which translates to mean "Usual Routine". We were definitely called out of our usual routine, away from what was comfortable and out of the mediocrity the world calls us to. W was blessed enough to know WHICH country I was headed to, but poor Abram just had to wander around until God felt like showing him. Poor sucker. Today we are rejoicing that our scandalous, amazing, outrageous God chose to take us to Saudi and shake up our life a bit.
Excited to post more pictures soon but for now here are a few of our apartment, new friends and the amazing view we get every night at 6:30 pm. Love from Saudi!

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  1. So glad to see an update! What an adventure! Love and prayers daily for you, Ryan, and all your new friends. Your Auntie Lou Lou



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