Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding This Weekend!!

The big day is almost here!! We are running around getting things planned, organized, finalized and enjoying the last whirlwind of engagement. This day seemed like it would never come and here it is 72 hours away. Unbelievable!! We've been talking about this day and all that it will mean for a little over 5 months-we are so blessed to have been led to the other person by the Lord's perfect and sovereign direction! The big thing we keep talking about is how to keep our eyes focused on what's important during wedding planning-we're praying that our wedding day (and marriage) represents how much Christ loves the Church and how incredible that God created unbreakable unity between 1 man and 1 woman to represent His loving character. We want to keep pointing to Him in all ways by His grace! Oh and we would be down for some good weather too :) Other than that, if something is forgotten, misplaced or totally flops we aren't worried. All we know is the Lord created marriage and we are PUMPED to experience it! Until we get back from the honeymoon....

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